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Halifax Charity Gala

About event

8 June 2019

The Halifax Charity Gala has been running since 1957 and is always the second Saturday in June. It is a fabulous day out for families young and old. Many thousands line the streets of Halifax to watch our Grand Procession pass by before joining us on Manor Heath Park for the Gala. It is attended by many of our "member charities" currently numbering around 60 who the event is there to support. We have recently seen an increase in Member Charities over the last couple of years showing the event is still growing.

Gates open at 11am and the official opening is at 1pm. We have had over 8000 in attendance both 2018 & 2017.

Our priority is obviously the charities and good causes that make up our members, however we understand the need for commercial attractions to make the event ever more popular with the public and the need for those commercial attractions to make money. 

We like things that are new and exciting as well as traditional. Attractions that are hands on and get the public involved are our most popular. We also have a limited number of plots for food / refreshment stalls available which are competitive. 

We have in recent years been trialing more trading stalls, such as you would find in a farmers or craft market. These we're traditionally excluded from the gala until recently. 

So if you have a catering business, a fun attraction for the kids, a stall or something we've just not thought of please get in touch and we'll see if you could fit in to our event.

We'd especially like to hear from anyone with something interesting to enter in to our procession for example tractors or vintage vehicles or maybe peculiar vehicles from the past or even from films we are open to all suggestions. 

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