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Blackburn Bid

BLackburn bid


Event Owl system makes so much sense for me as an organiser, for my existing exhibitors and vitally for any potential exhibitors.  As an organiser it speeds up lots of routine and mundane tasks like organising spreadsheets, issuing invoices, chasing payments and collating vital documents etc. saving valuable time and energy to invest in the other important (and sometimes more interesting!) aspects of running a business and delivering my events of course!

Its great to be confident that the system stores the necessary paperwork so it is readily accessible and usable, especially at the critically busy moments just before delivery of an event.  And to know that timely reminders will help take care of chasing renewals, payments etc, ensuring nothing is forgotten or overlooked is always reassuring.

Whilst this on line booking system is quick and efficient, it does not exclude the human touch and for those traders unable or unwilling to book online the Event Owl staff are always happy to assist by talking them through the process or taking bookings over the phone and uploading documentation emailed to posted to them.    They are very happy to talk through any questions or concerns I have had - always willing to go the extra mile to resolve anything I have thrown at them.   

Event Owl not only delivers the on-line service I hoped for, but it is always a pleasure to work with them to ensure I maximise my time, my skills and the marketplace we work in.

Karen Brooke

Blackburn Bid