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Organiser prices

Question - How much does it cost to process an exhibitor?

Answer - 96% of those organisers we questioned had no idea...

We then asked them to consider; maintaining a database of registered interest's, formulating new forms/terms and conditions etc. every year, sending forms out and keeping tabs on who and who has not responded, chasing exhibitors missing information and cheques, banking/­financial auditing monies banked/­transferred or paid by card, phone calls, data inputting, trying to find exhibitor details to make a decision (website/social media account etc.), postal costs, print costs, phone bills, LABOUR costs to do all this?  "Blooming heck! I'd never thought about it like that, loads then..." were most people’s answers!

We strongly encourage event organisers to absorb our nominal admin and/or payment card fees so that your cherished exhibitors can make the most of the system, or you can pass the card processing feee on. Like you, they can save some time to use back in their businesses or with their families. Our prices have been checked out with fellow organisers who deem them fair and value for money.

Standard Package Event Stand Processing Prices:

£0 - £24.99                   £1 + vat + card processing fee (1.4%+20p)                              

£25.00 - £149.99          £3.50 + vat + card processing fee (1.4%+20p)                        

£150 - £249.99             5% of total stand fee + vat and card processing fee                              

£250+                           10% of total stand fee + vat and card processing fee                           

For large/multiple events we have other packages available, please call 0330 123 0324 to discuss your needs.

Bonafide charity events, where NO stand fee is charged, will be required to provide their charity number to enable a £0 fee rate.  Please read our terms and conditions for further details on this.

Together these fees INCLUDE:

  • Payment for exhibitor stands are securely made into your bank account, not into a client account.
  • Optional deposit scheme and chasing of balance payment
  • Optional promotion or discount facility
  • Optional password protected booking page
  • Automatic Sales Receipting including vat elements @20% UK Vat rate (IF you are VAT registered of course)
  • Sending your terms and conditions to each exhibitor to ensure they have a copy
  • Full financial information transfer between Event Owl and our payment gateway provider, Stripe
  • Downloadable spreadsheet in XML, PDF or XLS with all exhibitor application form information
  • Promotion of your event via our increasing database of UK exhibiting businesses, Twitter and Facebook
  • Provision of prerequisite information such as insurance info, show guide info, risk assessments, FSA ratings, electrical information and even advertising and sponsor potentials.
  • Public Liability Insurance run-out alerts on your list which are updated as the exhibitor renews their details
  • Alerts for any outstanding issues not addressed by yourself which could stifle your bookings
  • Vat can be added for any 'package' you need your exhibitors to book, making accounting far easier for vat recoverable items (you must provide us with your vat number first)
  • Event Owl is always up-to-date for any mail merging you need to perform to your exhibitors.
  • Simple filtering of spreadsheet for contractor information
  • Logs ALL applicants and your decision as well as a waiting list option
  • Handles all email notifications on your behalf, so all you need to do is accept or decline as speedily as you can!
  • Extra Sponsor logo's on your webpage – £5 + VAT @20% each
  • Create an exhibitor list in your website – £1 + VAT per exhibitor
  • Extra fields in the application form – FREE
  • Embedding the booking forms into your site – FREE
  • Using Event Owl as your ONLY booking procedure – ABSORB FEES
  • Promoting your event via Twitter and Facebook and our database – FREE


Premium Package Price - as above + £500 per 200 exhibitors (min 50 exhibitors)

Includes all the above plus:

  • Checking risk assessments are assessor named, dated and have the company name on and are practical for purpose, and insurance documentation is correct and in date.  
  • Chasing those who have not responded to your call to book
  • Tailored emails to specific exhibitor type categories on our database 
  • Emailing your data-list on your behalf advising that bookings are now being taken and monitoring those who have failed to open the emails.
  • Monitoring traffic to your website from ours and providing reports
  • More frequent mentions on Social Media to increase awareness
  • Sponsored advert listing on our newsletters to our exhibitor database

We welcome discussion as we want you to make the most of  Event Owl.