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Event Owl has three main event listing types:

  1. List - our basic listing for per event, which includes - creation of an event page, with contact info, event logo, brief 200 word explanation of your event, website/social media link and a contact form to direct traders to you.  Though why do the paperwork work all yourself when we can do it easier, faster and far more accurately for a few more pennies?
  2. List, Assess and Manage - our complete pay as you approve online booking service.  Free up your time.
  3. List, Assess and Manage Privately - for those not wishing to list their event openly on our listing pages, we offer a bespoke embedded booking page on your website, whilst taking full advantage of our pay as you approve package.
Just complete and submit our form and we'll take it from there - click here for the form

Our listings packages

What's included List List, Assess and Manage List, Assess and Manage Privately
1 Year/Event listing  Yes Yes Yes
Event description Yes Yes Yes
Business logo Yes Yes Yes
Event logo Yes Yes Yes
Gallery images Yes Yes Yes
Website/Social Media links Yes Yes Yes
Venue location details Yes Yes Yes
Contact Form Yes Yes Yes
Easy to duplicate event listing Yes Yes Yes
Twitter posts Listed Yes Yes
Facebook posts Listed Yes Yes
Newsletter adverts X Yes Yes
Upload your application form X No No
Upload event layout X Yes Yes
Access to edit account X Yes Yes
Link to your event promotional video X Yes Yes
Sponsor advertising on event page X Yes Yes
Full online booking system (see below) X Yes Yes
Premium package support X Yes Yes
Sponsored adverts opportunities X Yes Yes
 SMS text message to our traders, dependent upon number of messages, please ask for price X Yes Yes
Prices are per event listed    £25    

 Pay-as-you-approve pricing   


    Pay-as-you approve prices + £99.99

*Payment by card/invoice.

*See our Pay-as-you-approve pricing below

All events listed are deemed to have adequate event insurance, terms and conditions and a fair cancellation policy

List, Assess and Manage - Our unique pay as you approve scheme package

Order fee total             Event Owl fee per exhibitor trader approved

£0 - £24.99                   £1*                             

£25.00 - £149.99          £3.90*                       

£150+                           From £5.40*

Card processing fee = 1.4% + 20p of stand total

* dependent upon stand price, and numbers of exhibitors processed via Event Owl, please get in touch with us.                 No vat is charged.

Check out our user Organiser testimonials  and our Exhibitor testimonials

Our pay-as-you-approve package includes:
  • Full page event listing, application form, full documentation prerequisite and financial processing package
  • Wi-fi accessed account information for mobile devices
  • Payment for exhibitor stands securely made into your bank account - including chasing for balance due payments
  • Promotional/­discount offer function
  • Retrospective discount facilities function
  • Optional password protect booking page (for those wishing to allow only pre-approved exhibitors to apply/regulars before new traders)
  • Bespoke package can be set up for your regular traders
  • Push email notifiers from interested exhibitors, applications, financial status directly to your inbox
  • 24/7 access to secure cloud based dashboard
  • 7 days a week account support (weekends and evenings may incur slight delays - we also organise events!)
  • Multi event capability suitable for regular occurring events such as Farmers Markets, monthly craft fairs etc
  • Automated sales receipting, including vat elements if required
  • Sending your terms and conditions to each exhibitor to ensure they have a copy upon application as well as asking them to electronically 'sign' them
  • Financial information in various, downloadable spreadsheet formats/PDFs
  • 'Quick find' exhibitor function
  • Pitch bids for the likes of Caterers
  • Offer potential exhibitor; activity inclusion, membership, advertising and sponsorship
  • Offer camping/­caravan pitches
  • Public Liability Insurance run-out alerts, which are updated as exhibitors renew their details with us
  • Alerts for any outstanding issues not addressed by yourself which could stifle your bookings
  • Up-to-date mail merging information available - we can for a few shillings, connect to your mailing package.
  • Filtering capability spreadsheets for contractor information available
  • Logs ALL applicants and your decision
  • Waiting list creation option
  • Handle all email notifications on your behalf to reduce the repetitive nature of accept/decline emailing
  • Tailored application form to suit your event needs
  • Embedding facility to place the booking form into your website (only included if your are listing on our website)
  • Deposit scheme and automated chasing of balance payment facility up to three attempts
  • Early bird promotion schemes
  • Special package creation for those exhibitors who need space other than your normal package offer

Please note: Our system handles deposit schemes based on a specific event start date, to avoid financial errors. Therefore each event offering a deposit scheme, will require a separate listing page.

Premium Package Price - prices as above + £500 per 200 exhibitors (min 50 exhibitors)

Includes all the above plus:

  • Checking risk assessments are assessor named, dated, have the company name on and are practical for purpose, and insurance documentation is correct and in date.  Final checks rest with, as always, the organiser.

  • Chasing those who have not responded to your call to book their pitch

  • Tailored emails to specific exhibitor type categories on our database 

  • Emailing your data-list on your behalf, advising that bookings are now being taken, and monitoring/­chasing those who have failed to open the emails.

  • Monitoring traffic to your website from ours and providing reports

  • More frequent mentions on Social Media to increase awareness

  • Sponsored advert listing on our newsletters to our exhibitor database

For large/multiple events we can tailor the way we handle your applications to suit your needs and discuss pricing, please call 0330 332 6224 to discuss this further.

Bona fide charity events welcome to get in touch to discuss bespoke packages.

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