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"A super idea for events and practical for exhibitors to use, Clitheroe Food Festival is very well organised and we love returning each year, without Event Owl it wouldn't be so easy!"

Grasmere Gingerbread, www.­gras­me­reg­in­ger­bre­ad.­co.­uk


"Used Event Owl for the first time, great service, friendly staff, would realy recommend. Will alway look here first when trying to find events. Thanks"

Kennedy Creations, www.kenne­dyc­re­ati­ons.­co.­uk


"Event Owl made the booking process very easy. It will save me lots of time in future and I will be more than happy to use this service again!"

Sophies Flower Pot, sophi­es­flo­wer­pot.­co.­uk


"Using Event Owl has made applying for trading events so much easier. All appropriate documentation is saved in one place for ease of use for traders and organisers. Love using this web site."

Confetti Cakes and Chocolates,  www.­con­fet­tica­kes­and­cho­cola­tes.­co.­uk