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Indian Delights

Indian Delights are a team of young, enthusiastic people taking their authentic family recipes to multiple events all over the country. 

“One of the problems we faced was trying to organise four teams to get to four events on the same weekend and beyond! The paperwork was a complete pain in the proverbial for me.

When we first came across Event Owl, the team helped me to set an account up whereby I had Team A, Team B, Team C, Team D under one exhibitor profile. These teams still had the same information as each other BUT I could now distinguish between them all.  For example Team A uses a 3m x 3m gazebo, Team B uses a 6m x 4m gazebo.  Team C usually sells cold products and our sauces and Team D is an indoor event stand.

The system is very clever in that it allows me to book any one of my teams into the relevant event far, far easier PLUS it saves each teams risk assessments – as a risk assessment for a cold product stand is not the same as one we use for our Street Food stands etc.  It also provides me with a list of where we are all going, the financial information required for our accountants and updates us on events newly listed to the website.

Our group insurance information renewal date is flagged up to us on an email.  I just log in, amend the information and it is automatically sent directly to ALL the organisers dashboards that we’ve booked in with. So we don’t have to worry about sending emails out to every organiser with it on and this is also another time consumer! Payment is also very easy, I guess as younger people we are more readily accepting that card payments via the internet, and even ‘app’ payments are here to stay so we might as well all get used to it!

We recommend Event Owl to any type of exhibitor, and look forward to seeing many more organisers using it so we can save even more time – who knows we might even get have a Team E soon,  as we’ll be able to produce so much more in the time we save!”


Fuzail Patel, Indian Delights, Street Food Trader