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Curlyy Topss

Details of products sold: Up-cycling is one of my main focused when designing, I love giving things a new lease of life! Starting with my Sock animals, all socks have never been worn but up-cycled into different animals. Including monkeys, sloths, alpacas sharks and penguins! Denim jackets up-cycled with pom pom trims, fabrics, and materials. One of a kind and you won’t find another one alike! I’ve also started crochet blankets and more recently small crochet cacti which have been a big success! But I also feel that its important to have something for everyone. Including smaller pocket monkey items such as pin badges, shoe laces, friendship bracelets and dreamcatchers.

London, United Kingdom

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by FeastyFest
12 Sep 2021
Cheam Park, Sutton, Surrey, UK, SM3 8BP