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Event Owl was created by experienced organisers wanting to streamline their own processes. It purposefully lists UK events for exhibitors, with marketing geared to this demographic.

The system is UK centric meaning that only ONE application form is required from an exhibiting business, the data of which is used to complete ANY events application on Event Owl due to it having a standardised, easy to navigate form, yet we it can tailor questions to an organisers needs.

Benefits...­significant saving of time for the exhibitor, better financial and admin management, easy to access sales receipts, documents and updates, more time to spend within their business, or with their families.  For the organiser more time to spend on the planning, marketing, logistics etc.

How much does it cost for you to process an exhibitor?

Over 96% of those organisers in the UK we questioned during 2013/14/15, had absolutely no idea as to how much it was costing them in time or money, processing their exhibitors.  However all said it was way too much whether they had an online system or not. The vast majority also felt guilty about sending out forms and asking exhibitors to restate their data.

We evaluated our own processes during 2011 and 12; rearranging the layout and other forms we sent out, sending the forms via email and some by post, phone calls in and out to potential exhibitors, data entry of application forms (and we also made mistakes...) and filing of the papers (sent by email and post), going to the bank with cheques, reconciling bank transfers and issuing receipts, chasing many of the exhibitors for up to date insurance details or risk assessments way to sketchy for purpose, calling accepted exhibitors for their correct email address! Sound familiar?  All this cost is mostly labour.

Cost - £11 - £15 per exhibitor . To be fair, most exhibitors did send in 'perfect packs' however a large proportion did not, and the majority still had to update their insurance details, this caused frustration, disorganisation and headaches for the entire team. Event Owl eradicated reoccurring missing information problems, reduced the emails in/out and phone calls, increased cash flow as card payments were quick and directed to the bank account direct and we saved significant time in many areas

Flexible ways to use the system

Opt to simply register your event and have Event Owl capture interested potentials, or list your event and take bookings, saving yourself oodles of time and earning brownie points from your exhibitors for saving them some time too! Some of them complete over 100 forms per year so those that do will be very grateful.

Organisers can embed our booking form onto their event website, which looks like you have your own booking system.

Organisers have access to detailed information entered by each exhibitor, payment sales receipts are automatically created, plus all the usual “paperwork” that is requested by the organiser can be captured too. 

We are in a technological era and it is rapidly getting more difficult, and expensive, to keep up with new systems and techniques.  Event Owl is not a membership system, you pay as you use it.  Small exhibiting business are leading the way in IT use.  They expect to deal with online systems and card payments these days. Our database is growing, Event Owl is what exhibitors need and want.

High visibility of your event to relevant exhibitors

  • Get your event seen by hundreds of exhibitors with our online listing, emails, social media, our app and SMS texting
  • Benefit from automatic emails when an exhibitor signs up to potentially trade at your event
  • Increase traffic to your site through our website and our social media connections
  • Price packages to suit any size of event
  • Our Premium Service also includes our receiving paper forms  and cheques for those technophobes out there, on your behalf. We input them, check them with the exhibitor and process payment from cleared funds, allowing you to keep organised in your dashboard with ALL your exhibitors.  All you have to do is click Accept or Decline.