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If you are looking at this page you’ve been thinking about other ways to process your exhibitors?  Are we right? Brilliant!

You’re the type of organiser our Exhibitor users love and the type we really want to work with.

Our user Organisers still approve and decline their exhibitors, however we relinquish them of the actual processing side of their paperwork,­ chase for payments or missing information, issue ac­know­led­gem­ents of orders and sales receipts plus much more.  The significant time they save is spent on developing their events/s or with their families.

They are thought of as being some of the best organisers in the UK for having made the jump to an open listings system, allowing their busy exhibitors to send an application, to any of them, in under two minutes.  Even on a smart phone!  These organisers benefit from each other’s events being listed – you could too.  You don’t have to do much either to get started.

Call our team on 0330 332 6334 and we can have your event listed in a couple of hours.