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Keep it private!

We listened to many organisers advise that they are already awash with traders for their event.  Fabulous!

However, we also heard that many of these same organisers were looking for ways to future proof and streamline their event trader processing, but could not afford bespoke, tailor made or monthly subscriptions to fancy online booking systems. Some of the fee's are astronomical for what is, a basic digital process.

Event Owl is a simple (as we like simple things) click to approve, trader booking system, which allows you to move your event applications to an online form/s, yet not be listed on our main site for all to see.

How it works:

1. Add your event/s in exactly the same way as you would our listed pay-as-you-approve-package.

2. We'll then create specialist coding @ £99 per event, which allows you to embed our booking area into a webpage/s on your website - we can jump in and help with this too.

3. An exhibitor trader visits your own website, spots the application area and applies directly online. There and then!   

4. You receive a notification email, and their full application in your dashboard. You assess it and click Approve or Decline.

5.  That's it - we do the rest! Including some chasing if required, sales receipt issuing and updating insurance details.

To add your event click here

Any questions?  Just email info@­eventowl.­co.­uk and we'll be in touch.