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Our mentoring service


  1.  Have you decided to host a new event?
  2.  Are you an existing event organiser who wishes to grow their event?
  3.  What are the problems you currently face with your event planning?
  4.  Do you have the knowledge and experience to host or grow your event all on your own?
We decide to host events because we are passionate about a cause or an aim.  It's very easy to find the 'How to' run an event on the Internet, but at the end of the day its only black and white text, rarely does it tell you what not to do, or the what would happen if's. Getting it wrong can cost you financially.  Speaking to an experienced organiser to pick their brains is sometimes all we need.

me2Hello, I'm Julie, Founder of Event Owl and an experienced events organiser. 

I've hosted and assisted with the planning of many large events from military open days to conferences, weddings, food fairs, flower festivals to one of the UK's top food festivals. 

I have lent my skills and experience to many event organisers as a matter or course as they started to use Event Owl, and this provision of advice has turned into a mentoring service.

My service provides a one-on-one, hands on approach to learning the right way to set up an event, keeping within the lines of the law and commonsense.  I help solve the problems faced by many new organisers, and I have a wealth of useful contacts to start or grow any type of event.

Together we will consider things such as:

  • The resources required for the scale of your event.
  • Health, safety and food hygiene, working with local authorities.
  • Legal - terms and conditions in particular to licenses, liability, noise, premises, access for all, child protection.

You will receive mentoring from myself, but the event will be run by yourself and your team.  Together we will analyse where you are in the process and what you need to take it forward to success.  Get in touch and we will discuss how I can help you.

Please email me on info@­eventowl.­co.­uk