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Event Owl purposefully lists UK events for exhibitors.

We allow event organisers to advertise their event directly to potential exhibitors, as well as directing their own exhibitor database to the site to make a trade stand booking. As an organiser you will have access to your requested information entered by each exhibitor, so no staff input errors at your end, plus you will receive all the usual “paperwork” directly to your dashboard.

Creating an event

Create your event using our step-by-step process, or, send us your forms and we will load them up for you.

Once you have created your event and completed all the steps required, click the send for approval button. Once we have approved your event (we spot check your event insurance, local authority approval, vat details, charity registration and terms and conditions) only you can make it/them live on-line.

It is imperative you create your event as accurately as possible, we will double check for serious anomalies, but your terms and conditions should be passed through a legal representative before you cut and paste them into the box provided. If we feel your pricing categories could be misleading or improved we will advise you.

Event organisers MUST have some form of terms and conditions, and insurance, for your event, regardless of how small, to safeguard you and your exhibitors. Once your event goes live, you cannot change your events details without asking our team. Again this safeguards you and the exhibitors from fraudulent activity.

Once you 'go live' you should then link your Event Owl webpage to your website and encourage exhibitors to apply using your new Event Owl tool.  Our marketing targets exhibitors, so you can be sure your event is being seen by the right people.

Interested exhibitors then apply through the system – we send you an email advising that you have a new applicant.  All you need to do is check their application and their attached documents. You can 'speed check' them by clicking on their name on your exhibitor list. If their application is satisfactory, press the ‘Accept’ button. We then do the rest!

Embed your event

You can embed our booking system into your own website — for free!

Give your website administrator access to the embedded codes in ‘Create an Event’ and they can set this up in another window on your website.


Connecting to www.Stripe.com is a prerequisit to using our system.

Stripe is a leading international payment gateway which sends your exhibitors’ money DIRECT to your account (less any fees). You’ll just need your bank details, an email address, and some form of ID. Event Owl and Stripe are highly secured using SSLencryption technology and we talk to each other to provide you with a superb financial accounting measure, giving you a full breakdown as and when you need it by both companies if needs be.

Event Owl can however, for the odd technophobic exhibitor, accept paper applications (which we will advise on so we get the right information) and process them in house, as well as any payment (cheques or bank transfers), and convert this into an application on the system.  Therefore keping ALL your exhibitors in one place and less paperwork for you to trip over in the office!

My Dashboard

Event Owl creates a separate work area for each of your events, complete with exhibitor status and a useful downloadable, Excel spreadsheet you can take on-site. If you've no Wi-Fi on site, just download, save as a document beforehand and away you go. We highly recommend absorbing our nominal admin fee and card processing fee to get the best response and use out of the system. However if you just wish to offer your valued exhibitors with another choice of how they can apply for a trade stand, you can pass on the fees. 

We have standardised the exhibitor booking and application forms to ensure this information is clearer for the exhibitor, yet you can create more question fields on your application form which are added as new columns on your spreadsheet.


Event Owl creates automated sales receipts for each transaction.  If you are VAT registered and need to charge vat on some/all of your exhibitor packages, you MUST provide your company registration number and vat details in your profile first. We will then add all your company reg. and VAT information on the sales receipt. The system also allows you to create promotional codes. Simply use the promotional code box on the Exhibitor Package area in Create your event.


Event Owl promotes your event on social media and via our e-newsletters to thousands of exhibitors. Event Owl also notifies both you and the exhibitor at every stage of the process, no need for individual emails to advise on 'yes, we have your application', 'no, we have not made our decision yet', 'yes, we received payment' etc.

You can print off all your exhibitor details or use (where there is wi-fi) via a tablet or smart phone to show your Health and Safety guru’s.

You can also extend deadlines simply by asking us via email. We will advise on the best route to use.

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Call us on 0330 332 6224.

You are in control of who exhibits at your event, and for all the information you ask Event Owl to advertise.