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Our deposit scheme

Offering a deposit scheme is very handy for you and your exhibitors, it helps you to attract the early birds and for exhibitors to spread the cost.  We currently operate a deposit upon approval and pay later balance due date plan.

Step 1 - Create your event OR send your event trade stand application form information to our team, complete with images, terms and conditions, images, logo's etc

Step 2 - On the business details page select a date your applications will cease -  this can be the day before however, we cannot guarantee money will be paid if this date is less than two weeks prior to the even.  This is due to the fact that we cannot foresee your traders business needs.

Step 3 - On the Exhibitor Package area, check the box below

Depoosit S 1

Step 4 - The boxes require specific dates from you. 

Active from is the date you want to go live with the scheme. 

Active until is the date you wish to take the deposit scheme off your site and have anyone else pay in full.  We will remove the deposit scheme option at check out.  We suggest no less than 45 days prior to your event.

Balance due date is the day you need all deposit payers to pay their balances. We suggest no less than 35 days before your event.

Deposit s 3

Step 5 - In the Deposit rate box type the deposit rate in %.  We will, at check out, calculate this for the exhibitor based on their total stand costs.  % is better that £ due to the cost of the total order, not the stand per se.

Step 6 - At the bottom of the page, Click Save.

What happens then?

Event Owl creates a deposit payment option at 'checkout'  for the exhibitor.   You will be able to see if the exhibitor has paid a deposit or paid in full on your list.

Upon your approving the application, the deposit payment is taken and if all is well we send the exhibitor their approval email and a reminder about their balance due date.  This is also displayed on their receipt.

Event Owl sends both reminders and warnings to the exhibitor if their balance due payment fails.  'Insufficient funds' being available on the card is a pretty common these days, none of us knows what around the corner in business, however we do remind the exhibitor of their obligation ten days prior, so it is not excuse not to pay you.

97% of exhibitors using the scheme (and this applies to any form of 'credit' payment offer, be this any online or on a paper system) will pay on time, the remaining 3% will be chased for you. 

We will steer you in the right direction if our chasing fails, and you may need to make a decision as to whether you still want that none payer to attend.   

The deposit and balance payments is paid into your bank account at the same pace rate as payment in full.  Seven days after your clicking 'Approve'.