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Exhibitor user guide

Our system delivers the same results as a paper based trade stand application form, HOWEVER...by using the information you input to fill out one form, once, we'll automatically fill in your subsequent forms for you!

If you are using a tablet or smartphone please see our tips on using your device for Event Owl by clicking here...and scrolling to the Question 'How do I apply for an event via a smart phone or a tablet?'.


You cannot use this system without first registering, this is how we save your details.

1.Where we ask you to register you will need:

  • your email address - provide us with the one you use regularly so that you do not miss our confirmation emails.
  • your name, address and company name - so we can start to save your data, ready to auto fill your forms
  • to double check your email address - this MUST be correct, we rely on this data to send you confirmation emails and we would not want you to miss emails from our organisers!  Make sure we are not sent to your spam box!

If your email is not being recognised check:

  • Your cap lock is not on
  • You are using a . not a , in the address

2. A password you can remember (but if you do, you can easily reset this following the instructions provided)

Your Profile/s

To find this, sign in, then click on your name in the top right corner.  On the new page, click on the word Exhibitor on the left of that page.

Ideally you need to complete your exhibitor profile first, OR we can save your information when you fill in your first application form and send it.  You MUST be signed in/registered on the system (i.e. you can see your name in the top right corner) in order for us to save your information.  

Changed anything in your profile? Always click 'Update profile' at the bottom of the page!

You can create multiple exhibitor profiles under one login email address - perfect for businesses with teams representing the company, who go out each weekend to various shows.

Please ensure your social accounts are entered as FULL http address/es.  Just open your website/social account address on the top navigation address bar and cut and paste into the field required.

See further below for uploading Risk Assessments, Insurance information and other documents, images etc.

Accessing your information

Once you have made your first booking; your application form, your order and its status, can be found under the Exhibtors tab on the top navigation bar in the purple zone.  Then click on Purchases seen here below.


We will also keep a record of whom you've applied to, flag up any issues with card payments, provide the opportunity to withdraw from an event (see further on this under 'Withdrawing from an event'), pay off a stand fee early if you've paid a deposit and issue sales receipts for you to download at your convienience.  You can also create a spreadsheet of your financial information in three spreadsheet formats.  Keep an eye on this area as this is the work horse of your dashboard.

Sales Receipts are only issued after funds have cleared into the organisers bank account.  The process for all payments is 5 - 7 days.  Like any sales receipt only when the order has been paid in full will it show a Paid Full status. Otherwise the balance due is shown.  If we encounter any issues processing your card we will both email you and flag this up next to the event concerned. Make sure our info@­eventowl.­co.­uk is not going to your spam box!  See our FAQ's if you encounter a card error.

Applying for events:

  1. Sign in or register.
  2. Select the event you wish to attend
  3. Complete the booking form in the yellow area which tells the organiser what type of stand plus any extras, you need. You can order everything all at once.  If the organiser requires you to complete an aditional form this will be in the yellow box too. Just download this document, complete, save in your computers file and add it to the 'Documents' area of the application form later.  
  4. Click the 'Book items and apply now'. This takes you through to the organisers 'application form' (if you have forgotten to sign in/register we will ask you to do this first or we cannot save your data).
  5. If you have used Event Owl before to book a stand, or completed your Exhibitor profile, you will see all your inputted data in the relevant fields and all your loaded documents ready to be sent for you to select from. HOWEVER...each event is different and there may be further questions to answer and extra forms to upload as suggested in #3. 
  6. Complete or tick all the relevant boxes, upload any documents, and click 'Save'. If you encounter problems check your insurance details are entered correctly in the three boxes provided, the two main documents asked for (your risk assessment and Public Liability Insurance proof) are uploaded in the right areas, in the correct format as accepted, and any asterix * field is completed. Check our FAQ's if you're struggling.
  7. You'll then be taken to the shopping basket. EACH EVENT YOU'VE PUT INTO YOUR BASKET WILL BE KEPT THERE. As and when you want to apply to those events and offer your payment details, simply check the relevant order and click Apply.  
  8. The system will then ask for your credit/debit card details. The system will take your details and hold them securely until you have been 'Accepted' by the organiser concerned.  It deletes card details for applications declined.
  10. You will receive an email advising that the application is now with the organiser, plus the terms and conditions of that event.  You will also see in your Exhibitors, Purchases area your application listed and its status.  You will receive another email when you have been accepted or declined, with full instructions on what happens next. This may take a few days/weeks depending on the organisers deadlines.
  11. Your sales receipt is always kept separate from your application, but together with it under Exhibitors, Purchases.

Risk Assessments - every exhibitor needs one to use our site

Every trader needs a Risk Assessment no matter the size of event.  If you are not asked for a stand risk assessment or insurance by an organiser - question their health and safety policy before you apply.  If you sell goods, or simply provide information using a gazebo/­signage/­table then you need a risk assessment for your 'mini shop/­information point'.

If you do not have a Risk Assessment click here for a template available for you to download. As it is based on an HSE Template it will be accepted by most organisers. HOWEVER it is only as good as the information you put into it! Read the instructions before completing it.

Think of everything an insurer might NOT cover you for if you haven’t thought about it, and put it into your risk assessment as a starting point!  Flying gazebo's, children pulling down fragile displays, glass cuts, food temperature issues, fire risks, unstable ground, faulty equipment, staff welfare, security of cash etc etc.  Open it, tweak it to suit you, save it on your device either as an .doc or a PDF, and upload it where the system needs it. You can add as many as you see fit, but ideally to stick to a generic – this way you won’t be changing it every five minutes. If you have a more detailed risk assessment, COSH, Gas Safety Certificate etc pop these under the Documents area.

These documents need uploading for each profile/sub profile you create.

Check your Risk Assessment has:

  • The Risk Assessors name
  • The date the assessment took place
  • Your company name on it

Public Liability Insurance

Good organisers will require that you are insured for public liability.  The document to upload is the schedule/­summary containing:

  • Your name/business name
  • Your policy/­membership number
  • Your renewal dates
  • The underwrier/­insurers name
  • The amount for which you are insured
  • The type of events you are covered for would also be very useful.

You cannot apply nor be accepted for an event without being insured for public liability via Event Owl. If you have a membership card, we will require a Jpeg/PDF of BOTH sides of the card.  If you are a small business and do not have insurance but trade occasionally, it might be worth checking with your household insurance company to see if you can add this. We have connections with several major insurers contact us at info@­eventowl.­co.­uk offering great prices to our users.

Uploading other documents

For images, Jpeg images under 4MB work best – use images such as your products, your stand, news clippings and anything that ‘sells’ you and your products to the organisers. This is your chance to show how great your products are!

You can upload these in your profile (click on your name and click on the Exhibitor link on the far left) or as you complete any application.  Once saved you can refer to these at any time in either your profile or in your Purchases area.

Altering your application after you have applied

Our system only allows you to change none financial information once you have applied to an event.  This is becasue each financial transaction requests a set and agreed sum from your card once.  You can withdraw your none accepted application and re-apply adding the missing item, or just apply for the missing item, however this may incur an extra fee. If your application has already been accepted, its down to the organiser.  They may want you to re-apply before they refund you for your first order.

To alter the information in your application, such as your address, telephone number, new documents etc simply sign in, go to the Exhibitor tab on the top tool bar, select Purchases and click on the event application form link you require.  At the top of that page click Edit application details. SAVE your new data - using the button at the bottom of the page.

If your new insurance details are required then see 'Changing your details/­insurance information etc' below

My Dashboard

A list and a spreadsheet with all the events you have applied to via the system will be created under ‘Purchases’ each time you actually apply and offer your card details. Here you will find the financial information of this and the status of every application. Even if you are 'Declined' your dashboard will retain the information for you, so that you can keep an eye on who you have applied to and what the outcome was.

Payment is ONLY taken from your card if you receive an automated email from us, sent to you upon being accepted by the organiser. 

We always ask Organisers to pay the Event Owl and/or Stripe Payment Gateway fees, and encourage them to have a cancellation policy, however, not all organisers may do this.  Any fees required to be paid by you will be highlighted in your shopping basket.

If you decide to book a stand knowing, via our Application Form, they have no cancellation policy, this is down to your discretion. Your contract for space/pitch is with the organiser, not Event Owl. Likewise if you wish to continue with your booking with us knowing our fees will require paying by yourself, this is up to you.

Withdrawing from an event

You can withdraw from an event at any time BEFORE the organisers accepts your application without being charged. However, please ensure you read the terms and conditions properly at the bottom of each organisers application form. As soon as you have been accepted by the organiser AND have paid (via a payment card - Visa and MasterCard) you fall under the T's & C's of the organiser,

To withdraw from an event, ADVISE the organiser by phone/email out of courtesy. IF they agree to this, simply go into 'Exhibitors' ‘Purchases’ list and click WITHDRAW against the event. The organiser will receive an email to this effect and, if you have been given their consent, they will approve the withdrawal. The terms and conditions of each organiser will determine the level of refund due – if this is applicable.  The terms and conditions of each event will be given to you with every order placed via a confirmation email from us.

You can download and email/print off the financial spreadsheet at any time - useful for accountants!

We will send you a public liability insurance renewal reminder email when it falls due, and as soon as you log in to your exhibitor profile and update this information, we will automatically update the lists of all the organisers you have applied to.  Delete the old one! DO NOT LET YOUR PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE LAPSE as it could render all your applications on the system to Pending and if not updated, will result in your being Declined.

Changing your details/­insurance information etc

You can change your details in your profile at any time, by:

  • Signing in
  • Click on your name, top right corner
  • Select profile
  • Amend your details/add or delete documents (note: you must have a risk assessment and insurance document in your profile at any time)
  • Update your profile using the 'Update profile' button at the bottom of the page

However, if you sell your business, the contracts via Event Owl may not be honoured with the organisers. It’s best to start again as a new business and ask the organiser concerned.

Each of your applications is unique to the event organiser/s you apply to.

You will be entering into business to business contracts with event organisers. We always advise that you double check your application before sending it.

I need an invoice

Our system is pro-forma based. It only creates a receipt once your payment has reached the organisers account and is therefore 'cleared'.   However you can use the details in your shopping basket to provide your accounts team with the details to generate payment.  If they need to make the payment themselves, they you will need to provide them with your log in details.  If a pro-forma invoice is required we charge £5.

Help! I've no idea what to do and don't have time!

Haven’t got the time? No problem, for £10 we can load the information for you. Just send us the completed form (in our Footer, Downloads), plus your risk assessment (Footer, Downloads), FSA Rating/Industry Accreditations, Award certificates as directed, and we will load the information up for you onto the system. We will require payment before we make the information available to you.  It is YOUR responsibility to check that we have uploaded everything correctly.

Remember, you can also become an event organiser using the same login email address!