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Uploading other documents

Adding images of your stand and products, awards won, extra safety information etc significantly helps organisers to make a more informed decision on your application.

Familiarise yourself with where your pdf/doc files and images are stored and accessed on your device first. 

For images, Jpeg images under 4MB work best – use images such as your products, your stand, news clippings and anything that ‘sells’ you and your products to the organisers. This is your chance to show how great your products are!

Before starting or adding in after you've registered with us:

  • Sign in/Register
  • Visit your Profile page, found under the Exhibitors tab
  • Using the pink button, which automatically opens up your devices 'library/filing cabinet' upload the document/­allowed image from your computers/­device.
  • Save your new form by clicking Update profile

When you're applying to an event and completing the Trade Stand Form

  • Sign in/Register and select your stand package/s then click Book Items and Apply Now
  • Complete the empty fields and work your way down the form
  • Using the pink buttons, which automatically open up your devices 'library/filing cabinet' upload the document from your computers/­device.
  • Select the file (you may need to click 'Open' to tell your PC/­Laptop/­Tablets to send the doc/image to Event Owl)
  • Tick any remaining boxes, double check all fields are correctly completed then click 'Save' to take you to the Order page.

These documents are different to Risk Assessments and Insurance documents, and are NOT automatically sent to every organiser, some may be more suited to certain events than others, so we always ask you to select those you wish to send with your trade stand applications.

Once saved you can refer to these at any time in either your profile, or in your purchases area under your applications.

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