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Exhibitor FAQs

If you need help Registering, Applying for an Event or Uploading documents please refer to our Exhibitor User Guide first...

Where do you store all my applications and financial transactions etc?

Once you are signed up and registered with us, click on Exhibitors on the top tool bar (or on your phone 'Exhibitors' at the top of the list).  This opens up an access area where all your orders and financial information is stored, including your applications and sales receipts.  You should keep an eye on Purchases in this area, this is the main work horse of your profile.

To change anything in your profile, simply click on your name to reveal the 'Your profile settings page'.  On the LEFT above Organisers  select  Exhibitors.  Your profile will then appear.  On your phone this will turn to the desktop version but your phone/tablet will allow you to zoom in and out.  Organisers is also listed there as some Exhibitors are also event Organisers!

Don't forget to click on 'Update profile' at the bottom of the profile page to save your new data.

I can't log in!

99.9% of the time this is down to small user errors such as:

  • When your account was set up you inputted your email/password in incorrectly.
  • You have 'Save my details' on your device and its saved the wrong email/password for your account. This happens frequently with tablets/­smartphones due to the small keyboard.
  • We also regularly see tablets/smart phones putting extra spaces at the start or end of the log in areas - try inputing and not using the suggested auto input data. 
  • You have set up two accounts (which you should not do) and have crossed over the passwords.

Steps to take:

Try signing in and resetting your pasword on a PC/tablet or smartphone first.


  1. If this does not work, clear your devices browser history, cach and cookies and try this again
  2. Then send Event Owl an email to tell us of the situation (allow 48 hours for a response on weekends) we will reset it for you
  3. DO NOT set up another account with another email address, your data can only be held in one account

Can't log in from your phone?

Check the Event Owl app in your phones Applications area (you should see all the apps you have on your phone listed in that area). Click onto the Event Owl app and check its own settings, it could just be a case of clearing the cache and cookie data.  Don't worry you will NOT delete your Event Owl profile!

Failing this, you may need to delete any auto fill data, clear your internet history or uninstall then reinstall the app. If you are strugling we recommend that you call the manufacturer of your phone if you are not savvy with the phone.

Do I need a Risk Assessment and Insurance?


You hire the pitch, you 'work' there on a stall in/on your ‘mini shop’ and provide a service i.e. you sell products to the public or provide an information service.  You are therefore are responsible for the health and safety of your ‘mini shop’ including any staff serving, logistical arrangements, accommodation (gazebo/table etc.), and the handling/­storing/­displaying of products your customers look at/handle/ use/consume.

It therefore stands to reason that you'll need some public liability insurance.  If you've just started up or have a hobby business, check with your household insurer to see if they can cover you.  Its often the cheapest solution to get you started out.

Our Risk Assessment template though provides some ideas as to what to cover and has a couple of examples.  Read before completing though.   Click here to be taken to the area you can download it.

I need more information about the event...

Event Owl are not the event organisers, but the preferred booking system for the organiser concerned. 

At the bottom of each event page you will find the Organisers contact details. Some may have telephone numbers, and some opt not to (most are small teams so email is their preferred form of contact). This relates to queries on deposits, discounts, opening times, stand sizes, sponsoring, advertising and so forth.

How do I apply for an event via a smart phone or a tablet?

First point to raise - these smaller devices all sound marvellous, but they still have a major disadvantage over PC's - namely they have smaller screens!  Most sites these days have a mobile version or a purposelky built 'app', and we are no different.

We occasionally receive messages from users not being able to use our app on phones/­tablets, however 99% of the time this is because the user may not yet have mastered their phone.  ALL new 'apps' go through rigorous testing and are then tested again by the various stores before being allowed into their 'app store',  again ours is no different.

The first thing you need to do master your smart phone/tablet.  You can go into your mobile phone provider and ask for help on the products at any time or call them up.  Believe us, an hour/half hour with an expert is time well spent.  You will also need to install apps that will be required to work 'within' other apps.  The most popular are MS Word, MS Excel and Adobe Reader, which are available in both Android and Apple stores.  Java Script must be enabled for most apps too. 

Many of our organisers Upload documents in these formats, for you to ‘Download’, complete, then 'Upload' into your application. We require two main documents as 'Uploads' - a Risk Assessment and Public Liability Insurance. We hold this 'Uploaded' information 'in the cloud' so they do not take up any storage on your device, unless you decide to keep the original on it.  So we would recommend using one of the cloud based storage systems too like Dropbox or One Drive etc.

You will always require Public Liability Insurance and a full stand Risk Assessment for ANY event, even paper based event organisers should ask you for this information.  A Risk Assessment must be complete with your name/business name, name of the person who carried out the risk assessment and the date on which it was carried out.  WE have a template that you can complete yourself (we give you prompt headers), read the instructions carefully before completing it.

Once you have installed all these apps, then install ours FOC and from there - well the event world is your oyster!

Do you notify your users of the latest events to go live?

Yes, is the answer to your first question if you have opted to receive information from us during registration.  Users are notified of new events in our newsletters, sent periodically (as we know daily emails are annoying!).  Make sure our new@­eventowl.­co.­uk and info@­eventowl.­co.­uk are not classed as spam or you could miss out!

Help! I can't load my documents?

Don't panic! It will probably be something very simple.

1. You are notified of the type of computer files we accept adjacent to the area where you need to load them.  Please check your file complies with one of them first.

2.  Does your file name have an punctuation in it e.g. Cora's.doc  in this case the apostrophe is not recognised by any system so rename the document coras.doc save and try again.

3. Is your file larger than 5MB? If so please resize it using many of the free resizer programmes available on the internet.

4. Make sure you are loading the correct file in the correct area.

5. Still at a loss? Send your domument/­file/­image etc to us at info@­eventowl.­co.­uk along with your user name e.g. John Smith and the email address you registered with and give us 24 hours to get you back on track.

If accepted for event when is payment taken? 

As soon as you are accepted by the organiser, an attempt to take payment from your card will be made shortly after. Make sure you have the funds available on your card when you apply to any event (if you are applying say to five events, and all five are priced at £100, then have £500 ready to be taken on your card OR you will be declined). Many organisers also offer a discount/­deposit scheme and we advise of this at check out, there is a deposit payment option.

Do fully check 'Your order' for deposit options/­discount code request BEFORE you click apply and enter your card details, once sent you cannot alter your order.

Money is processed from your card to the Organiser within seven days of their accepting your application, NOT from the time you send it.  Organisers can have up to their deadline to make a decision, though we prompt them after 14 days.

Why is payment required up front?

Question returned...­Would you go to a supermarket and expect to get to check out where your card is declined, but the till lady says 'hey no problem, it happens, take your shopping and sort payment later'.  Errr no!  

Not that you are one but some traders waste an organisers time by saying they want a stand at an event, send their forms off 'knowingly' with either a post dated cheque, sending a cheque off that won't clear, or 'forget' to put one in. The organiser accepts their application as the exhibitor pleads ignorance, but then pulls out of the event at the last moment.

So, understandably, more event organisers are now requiring a definate financial commitment from potential exhibitors, by (subsequently) a cleared payment up front, with their application. Some organisers may require full payment, some opt to take a deposit and allow exhibitors to pay the remainder at a later date – however, until the balance due is paid no stand will be assured by any organiser, using our system or not!  

We handle an organisers payment option­/s on their behalf, providing the exhibitor with the choice they give you. Your money goes directly to the organiser concerned.  The contract is between you and the organiser, not Event Owl, we are the portal allowing the saving of data for streamlining the application process down to a minute or two for you the exhibitor.  Depending on when the event is you can always decide to book when you can pay of course, if there are any stands remaining. 

Payment from your card is ONLY taken IF you are accepted by the organiser, we will send you an email to this effect. If you are declined the system forgets your card details.

Why can’t I pay by cheque, faster bank transfer, cash, bacs etc.?

Technology is moving forward at a very fast pace. Online transactions are here to stay.  With the banking system protecting us all from fraud, and with companies like ours buying software protection to keep your transactions secured, that cash stored under your mattress is more likely to get pinched by a burgler and a cheque more likely to be altered or lost.

Bacs has limitations in that it only does one job, transfering money from one account to the other.  Our system not only transfers money from one account to another (a card is only a portable bank account access point really when you think about it) but takes this information, plus the breakdown of other financial info and puts it into yours and the organisers dashboards, along with all your application information.  This extra information cuts down the chasing, amending and reconciling at both sides.

Can I withdraw from an event? 

YES! IF the organiser approves of it of course. However, we cannot gaurentee any refunds after receiving your acceptance email from the organiser.  Once accepted you fall user the organisers terms and conditions, you ticked these in the application form area and received a copy by email.

All you need to do is sign in, and within’ Exhibitors’ on the navigation bar, click on Purchases.  On the event listing concerned click the WITHDRAW link.  Drop an email to the organiser explaining the situation, prior is more polite..

The organiser will then receive your email in an automated email from us, advising that you wish to withdraw. They then hopefully (!) will approve this withdrawl and you will be notified when they do by Event Owl.  The organiser then issues any refund (NOT Event Owl as we do not host Organisers money).

If after being accepted and receiving the acceptance email, you see an oversight and/or realise your order is wrong, as your card will have been charged already, you will be under the organisers terms and conditions.

You can withdraw and reapply if your oder was wrong, however the organiser will need to review their t's and c's and may not refund until you have re-booked and the payment is received (could take seven days)

Related topic - I've applied for an event and forgot to use my promotion code!

Two ways of rectifying -

  1. Notify the organiser who can apply this retros­pec­ti­vely.  Discounts can only be applied once the full payment has been made, so if you pay a deposit, the discount will be set up but applied when the balance due it taken.
  2. Or just follow the above 'Withdraw' procedure, re-apply, and use your promotional code when you get to check out. Click on 'Apply' next to it which will add your discount/­promotion offer to the total. Then at the bottom of the order click 'Apply Now'.

Related topic - I am usually given a discount/free stand but have no promotion code?

Simply call the organiser concerned, which, if you are entitled, will provide you with a discount/­promotion code. This is simply entered at the check out in a box at the top of the order once you've clicked on 'Apply now'.  Be sure to click on 'Apply' next to the box. The discount/­promotion will be applied to your total, then click the 'Apply Now' button again.

What are Stripe and Event Owl fees?

Stripe is a worldwide payment gateway, similar to others like PayPal, Worldpay, Sage Pay and so forth.  It charges for transferring your money from your bank to that of a receiving bank.This is nominal and safegaurds your payment 'going missing'.  In the case of a refund from an organiser, Stripe will also refund their fee. Event Owl charges a one-time, non-refundable fee per ‘accepted’ event application, which pays for our websites administration.  Organisers pay one or both of these fees, but alas some may not.  We will advise you of this at check out through.

I am really struggling to upload my documents.

When you click on the pink buttons Event Owl opens a portal to YOUR OWN computers library.  You'll need to search for that document (we use MS Doc's, Jpegs and PDF's in the main, and others as directed) select it, click on 'Open' in your library and hey presto it will load into Event Owl. Insurance documents - ensure you attach your PUBLIC LIABILITY insurance summary detailing your business name, cover dates and amounts, insurers name, and policy number.

These last three items need to be the same as in the three boxes found in your Exhibitor profile which ask for this information.  If thay are not matching you cannot apply to an event via the system.  It's our way to help both sides ensure the legal stuff is covered! Follow the notes though on each application. 

Tablet/Smart Phone users - you need to have the Microsoft Word, Excel and Adobe PDF apps installed - these should be free. Upload­/send yourself an email from a PC or have someone send you your docs (check file size - devices vary so your service provider will advise as to max file sizes) and save them into your devices File area.  

Our risk assessment (in the Footer marked 'Downloads') for example is a Word doc.  To complete this on a smart phone will be difficult as it's a table, it is not impossible as we have done it ourselves when we tested the system. However, if you can get to a PC or use a tablet this will be far easier and your eyes will thank you for it!

I’ve just received an email saying you’ve had a problem with my card, what do I do?

These things happen;

In your Exhibitors, Purchases area we tell you why it has been declined.card declined

  1. Check you have sufficient funds on your card/in your bank account (including transactions that have not yet cleared). 
  2. If it's not the above, it could be that your bank is not recognising Stripe (who we use to process your card securely) as a payment gateway. If it is your bank, clear it for Stripe.com transactions and try again following the instructions we provide on the email we sent you with the error message.
  3. As you can see in the image, in the right hand column there is a Pay Balance now or it could say Pay in Full now. Click on this link which takes you to the order.  Click on the Pay Balance or Pay in full now link again, and up pops the card payment window.

Keep an eye on your card/bank account to ensure this payment goes through. If we encounter another issue we will flag this up for you. We can always find out why a card is declined for you but the above seem to be the most commonly received problems.

I paid a deposit, can I pay off the balance early?

Yes!  The Organiser loves traders like you!

  1. Sign in
  2. Click on Exhibitors in the purple area, then Purchases
  3. Look for the event you wish to settle up early with and you will see Pay balance now  (this function is available, but worded differently, if you ever encounter a card issue, see image below)

Pay balance now

  1. Click on this Pay balance now link, which takes you into the order, then just click on Pay balance now again, which opens up the card payment area for you. 
  2. Once you are done, payment is taken from the card.  Any issues and you’ll be notified within an hour.  The money takes at least 5 days to reach the organiser (don’t ask why it takes so long…it’s a banking thing not us!).  If after five or at max 7 days your account still shows your balance as outstanding, then contact us and we can check it for you.

How do I use promotional codes?

You will have been given a code to use by the Event Organiser. When you get to the check out/your order page you will see a box asking for this information. Simply type the code in the box on TOP of the order, click apply and any discount will be taken off your total.

Why are you charging VAT on my order?

Some larger organisations are VAT registered and charge VAT on certain exhibitor stands and other extras.  They will have been asked to submit their VAT registration information as a pre-requisite before charging you VAT.  This information will be made available to you at the time of booking and on your sales receipt under ‘Purchases’.

The event I attended was cancelled how do I get a refund?

Event Owl is only the agent between yourself the exhibitor, and the organiser, as per our Terms of Service. You are responsible for checking each event organiser’s terms and conditions.  Once you tick the box on the application form that you agree to the organiser’s terms and conditions, this strikes a contract between you/your business and the organiser.  Therefore you need to address the issue directly with the Event Organiser for any refunds due as per their terms and conditions.  A copy of this is always sent to you with your order confirmation email..

I am really struggling with my application, can I call you?

Of course you can, our tel no is 0330 332 6224 or drop us a line via the comments box. We will call you as soon as one of the team becomes available.