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Exhibitor FAQs

If you need help Registering, Applying for an Event or Uploading documents please refer to our Exhibitor User Guide first...

I can't log in 

Why do I need a Risk Assessment and Insurance?

I keep getting reminders about my insurance - I've uploaded my new document?

I need more information about the event...

Do you notify your users of the latest events to go live?

I'm a new business, can you provide start up advise?

Help! I can't load my documents?

If approved for an event, when is payment taken? 

Initially applying for events via smart phone or tablet

Deposit schemes

Argh! The sites not working...

Why is payment required up front?

Can I pay by cheque, faster bank transfer, cash, bacs etc.?

Can I withdraw from an event?

I've applied for an event and forgot to use my promotion code.

I am usually given a discount/free stand but have no promotion code?

I’ve just received an email saying you’ve had a problem with my card, what do I do?

I paid a deposit, can I pay off the balance early?

Why are you charging VAT on my order?

The event I attended was cancelled how do I get a refund?

I attended an event, was not happy and need to make a complaint 

I am really struggling with my application, can I call you?