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I attended an event, was not happy and need to make a complaint.

Event Owl is a booking platform.  Although we empathise with any predicaments of being dissatisfied during or after an event, we cannot get involved with disputes between yourself and the organiser.  

We've found ourselves in difficult circumstances sometimes as Exhibitors - and Organisers - and suggest the following...

  1. Count to ten, breath deeply, remain calm and look at the larger picture before blowing your top!  Can you come up with a couple of fair and sensible solutions to the problem, that you would be happy with given the entire events circumstances? This will make the Organisers life that bit easier as they certainly do not want you to be unhappy.  No doubt the Organisers and their team will already be running round fixing things. No event goes perfectly to plan every time.
  2. Do take your dissatisfaction immediately to the Organisers and their team whilst you are at the event, they can only attempt to rectify the problem whilst you are on site.  Record any agreement for refunding if the situation cannot be resolved on site, so that both parties have proof of what was said.
  3. Remain polite and none aggressive at all times, difficult we know sometimes, but, if it generally is an otherwise great event, you'll no doubt want to be invited back.
  4. Please do NOT blame Organisers for the weather!  Humans are not ducks, we do not like rain!  Keep an eye on the weather forecast.
  5. We ask for feedback, shortly after you attended the event, however as we said previously, its best to resolve the situation at the time, not complain about it after the event.  Its a bit like going for a meal in a restaurant, telling the waiter everything is fine, yet complaining about it after you leave.  There's nothing the restaurant can do about it once you're gone, every business tries their best but can have off days.

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