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"We have used Event Owl for a few years now, at first we were slightly hesitant as we were used to filling in forms by hand. Event Owl creates a very user friendly method of applying for events and speeds up the whole process. Julie and her team are wonderful as they are always ready to help!"

Grasmere Gingerbread, www.­gras­me­reg­in­ger­bre­ad.­co.­uk

"We would like to thank you a Billion, Billion, Billion times for all your professional and wonderful assistance with our application process regarding the above. You were fabulous, friendly, super delicious and great.!"

Party Bounce, www.party-bounce.co.uk

"Booking an event made very easy. Update your info once a year and then simple for the rest of the year. Thank you Event Owl."

Choc Amor, www.­chocamor.­co.­uk

"Event Owl are always there on hand to help out with any queries.Big thanks to Julie and team."

RS Irelands Lancashire Black Puddings

"Event Owl makes booking events extremely easy and quick."

The Yummy Yank, www.­theyummyyank.­co.­uk

"Used Event Owl for the first time, great service, friendly staff, would really recommend. Will always look here first when trying to find events. Thanks"

Kennedy Creations, www.kenne­dyc­re­ati­ons.­co.­uk

"Takes the faff out of the application process"


"Event Owl made the booking process very easy. It will save me lots of time in future and I will be more than happy to use this service again!"

Sophies Flower Pot, sophi­es­flo­wer­pot.­co.­uk

"Using Event Owl has made applying for trading events so much easier. All appropriate documentation is saved in one place for ease of use for traders and organisers. Love using this web site."

Confetti Cakes and Chocolates,  www.­con­fet­tica­kes­and­cho­cola­tes.­co.­uk

"Yes please use Event Owl! Not enough organisers do and we have to fill in LOADS of forms"

Love is Churros,  Facebook - Love is Churros

"Find it easy to use. The change to being able to book events by paying a deposit helps smaller businesses to apply for more events"

Tricky Dickies Sticky Toffee Pudding Company

"An easy way for prospective traders to book your event. Application can be completed in minutes"

Laser Made Occasions, www.­la­ser­ma­de­oc­ca­si­ons.­co.­uk

"I found this system very easy to use, and the fact that if you are unsure you can get positive feedback and help all the way, from start to finish"

Karen Shell & Gifts

"We have enjoyed working with Event Owl, the customer service provided is fantastic and the website is great. Would highly recommend!"

Rockin Buddha, www.­rockinbuddha.­co.­uk

"Event Owl is so easy to use, the website is laid out so even an amateur like me is able to see what's what and register all details"

The Weston Biltong Company Ltd, www.­the­wes­ton­bil­ton­gcom­pa­ny.­co.­uk

"It reaches a lot of potential exhibitors it is always a go to site when organising my diary for the year ahead"

Pudding and Pie, Facebook - Pudding and Pie

"Good communication and friendly culture"

Orchards of husthwaite, www.­or­cha­rdsof­hust­hwa­ite.­co.­uk

"Quick and easy, pick your event, load your details and BOSH...!! Done"

Fatjax chutneys, www.fat-jax.com

"Easy to fill in forms, and great reminders if your insurance is due to expire"

GinTopia, www.­gintopiaevent.­co.­uk

"Always appear to be very swept up with the communication"

Yorkshire Dales Distillery, www.­york­shi­reda­les­dis­til­le­ry.­com

"Keep up the good work and keep these good events coming. Thank you for this service. Could you maybe organise an alert by phone or email, when you’ve added a new event?"  Event Owl done

Shirley's Pieswww.­facebook.­com/­Shir­le­ys­Ho­mema­dePies