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Like so many of you, we run this small business whilst also working full time, as well as juggle familiy life. We don't have a phone line as this got too expensive to keep for the few who were calling. Please let us know if you prefer a phone call rather than an emailed response, just leave your telephone number. An answer to a query already might be in the Exhibitor user guide and FAQ's under the Exhibitor tab.

Please email us at:  info@­eventowl.­co.­uk 

Please note: If your query is regarding an application you wish to make/have made for a trade stand/­pitch/­space, or need to withdraw from an event, you should contact the organiser directly using the 'Contact the organiser'  comments form on the pink call to action button which goes stright to their inbox, or use their contact details, if provided, on their event page. 

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