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Features and benefits of using our system


  • Stall holders can find events more easily
  • Fully customised search options for organisers and traders
  • Easy to manage applications
  • Increases speed of decision making on applications
  • List one event or duplicate multiple events very quickly
  • Upload your own business logo and/or event logo
  • Hands on support for both organisers and exhibitors by experienced organisers and exhibitors
  • Growing database of exhibitor traders and events which maybe unknown to each user
  • A simple trade stand question format allowing improved speed of application and reading
  • Developed for the events industry by event managers, consultants, exhibitors, and visitors.
  • All information is held in secure data centres and backed up throughout the day, 7 days a week
  • Users profile and event information is accessible on any device, including mobile
  • Optional deposit schemes for organisers to use spreading payment for their exhibitors
  • Event Owl automatically reminds, and takes outstanding balance due money from the traders card 
  • Failed payment notification for both parties.
  • Automatic sales receipting including Vat information
  • Secure financial transactions via one of the worlds leading payment gateway companies, Stripe.com
  • Cost effective and easy to use.
  • Multi-industry friendly. 


For Organisers, Event Owl can manage the full process from registering your event/s on our site, attracting exhibitors and managing registration, payment and collecting the information you require from them.  You can track progress through your account portal and accept or reject applications with the funds released before the event on any device.

For Exhibitors, Event Owl simplifies the process of applying for events with all your key information stored in your account and a fast, responsive application process.  You can apply, pay and manage the requirements of the organisers through our simple to use interface, leaving you more time to tell your customers where to find you.

Need a new feature?

We are a user-led company and believe in tailoring the site to deliver new features to simplify the process for exhibitors and organisers.  If you have a feature in mind that would make the site easier to use, let us know.