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Features and benefits of using our system


  • Hands on support for both organisers and exhibitors
  • Growing database of exhibitors and events which maybe unknown to the user
  • Tried, tested and delivering using a very simple format
  • Pay as you use system
  • Developed for the events industry by event managers, consultants, exhibitors, and visitors.
  • An all-in-one portal providing a multitude of information for each user.
  • All data is held in secure data centres; 'The Cloud'.
  • Data is accessible on any mobile platform; laptop, tablet, PC, Smartphone, android or Apple
  • Optional deposit scheme for organisers to use spreading payment for their exhibitors.
  • Event Owl chases the outstanding balance for you.
  • Failed payment notification.
  • Automatic invoicing and receipting INCLUDING Vat information
  • Easy to use and tested by users.
  • Secure financial transactions via one of the worlds newest, leading payment gateway companies
  • A bespoke portal in a constant flux of improving development.
  • Integrates with most spreadsheet based software processing platforms.
  • Training videos currently being compiled.
  • Cost effective and easy to use.
  • Multi-industry friendly. 


  • Time Saving; reduces amount of data entry from manual and downloadable forms.  Screening is also made simpler by hyper linking application form data direct to websites, emails and social media accounts
  • A system which has been researched and created from paper and downloadable systems, streamlining the exhibitor process. 
  • We listen to user experience feedback and develop the system constantly meaning no extra associate update costs
  • Users can be exhibitors who sometimes organise events or team supervisors organising multiple event teams
  • Event Owl data is handled by large, secure data centres which operate 24 hours, 365 days a year. 
  • The dashboard spreadsheets are in several downloadable versions.
  • The portal is accessible on mobile platforms ideal for event organisers who need access to exhibitor information without carrying paper files around.
  • Improves cash flow for both parties by providing transparent spreadsheets with available financial data
  • Refunding is a breeze. Both the payment gateway and Event Owl reconciles all refunded transactions.
  • Provides opportunities for event organisers to advertise their event/ main sponsor, excellent for improving sponsorship package offers.
  • Option to create and 'clone' events. Event Owl can also transfer authority to another user in the case of the originator no longer being with the company.
  • Supportive customer service team who understand the events industry and can offer advice.