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Our history

Event Owl was created by founder, Julie Ellington, a multiple events consultant organiser with experience behind the trade stand too.  She also has strategy and technical planning skills gained as an officer in HM British Army.

Event Owl has been the result of listening to fellow event organisers and exhibitors of all shapes and sizes, family and friends, being guided by mentors and government agencies, carrying out in-depth research with University intervention, and engaging the know-how of excellent IT companies.

“I got pretty frustrated filling in hundreds of variously formatted, event trade stand application forms, for exhibiting clients who genuinely did not have the time to fill them in themselves. I was constantly duplicating their information.  Painful and frustrating. 

At the same time I was also processing hundreds of completed event forms I had sent out via post and email, for the events I organised. My desk was awash with paper! There was nothing, on the market to purchase, to help reduce this problem, that took into consideration the plight of the exhibitor (mostly small businesses whose time is so valuable to the UK economy) as well as the organiser either.

Most of the operating platforms on the market make it easy for the event organiser, NOT the exhibitor. Even those Organisers who have individual, bespoke website booking forms, make it difficult for an exhibitor with little IT skills. Some have no receipt function either. In particular, why ask a small business owner who is already stressed with their own admin, to take another twenty plus minutes to complete a form, when a minute or two is all that’s required with today's technology? 

It took a few years of thinking and much flow charting on my walls, but having done this manually I created a system that benefits BOTH parties.

Event Owl is a community style platform where event organisers and exhibiting businesses can come together and save time; enabling them to spend more time organising their event or making their products.

All event stand application forms consist of the same information requests, some even ask for your name and address eight times or more! Therefore I have designed a standardised information system that still allows event organisers some individuality. The information is input into a simple dashboard; clear, precise, secure and accurate for both parties.

The portal is a system that can be accessed 24/7/365 on your laptop, desktop or mobile device. Depending on your device and as long as you have access to Wi-Fi and/or a phone signal, you will be able to access Event Owl.

I hope both Exhibitors and Organisers will stand only to benefit by saving significant time using Event Owl.

me jpeg  Julie Ellington, Founder and MD, Event Owl