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Do you know the average cost to complete and send paper based applications?

Wages –  Researching, short listing, screening, data entry/writing by hand, photocopying/­printing, scanning, physical posting, phone calls, emailing, reconciling, chasing for application status - £7ph
Utilities - Broadband, telephone, electric, heating etc. - 50p
Paper and print – Photocopying forms, printing forms off avg of 6 sheets per form (3 application form + Insurance/Risk Assessment/­Industry specific accreditation) - 90p
Envelopes and postage – A5/A4 Envelope plus First Class stamp, signed for -  £2.35
Telephone call cost – Average of 15 minutes (over a couple of calls) for most events - 15p
Average cost: £10.90 PER event form

Event Owl's aim is to streamline this process down to under two minutes for you, once we have all your details and documents on your profile page.  Thus saving time and the effort of duplicating application information.

The cost?  Firstly, if your application is not approved by the organiser = no card charge.  

1.4% + 20p is added to your order total to process your card, this is only charged if your application is approved, and is refunded if you are refunded by the organiser.  

For example a £100 stand would be charged a mere £1.60.  Our payment system is operated by Stripe, a financially regulated platform which allows us to generate useful information for you in your dashboard area such as; sales receipts, financial spreadsheets, notifier emails if payment is successful/­unsuccessful and automated application status updates.

"PSD2 limits the amount that merchants can surcharge businesses to the cost incurred by the merchant in accepting the particular payment method. If you’re a platform or marketplace, the surcharge ban does not impact the platform or application fee you charge, provided that these fees are not differentiated by payment method" Stripe.com 

Event Owl does not add any surcharge to its card processing fee.