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Using the "Remember me" details at checkout

Our system is connected to the Payment Gateway provider Stripe.

At checkout, once you are happy that your order is correct, click "Apply now" and a pop up box asking for your card information will appear. Enter your card details and follow the 3D Authentication process, remember to return to the Stripe checkout and wait for the green tick, then to be brought back to Event Owl ir the transaction will fail.

The "Remember Me" checkbox allows customers to save their payment information during their checkout process for future payments using mobile verification.

If a customer selects "Remember Me" while checking out and enters their phone number, they will receive a confirmation code sent via SMS to their mobile device. Once they have confirmed setup using the code, they can make payments quickly using the same mobile verification process in the future.

Make sure you stay on the page until you receive a green tick from Stripe, and the screen reverts back to a page saying Thanks for your order. This ensures that your order has been sent to the organiser. 

To change the card details at checkout the next time you use Event Owl

At checkout, click on the redacted card number (series of dots followed by the last 4 digits of the card number previously used). Edit the information and click pay. The new card number will be saved for future purchases. By “logged in to Checkout” we mean “when you’re in our payment form box and it recognizes you have a saved card”. 

Note: Customers cannot change their card details on an order which has previously been used for a deposit scheme payment. Panic not. Our system will send you a reminder 10 days prior to the balance due date. You can either wait for your old card to fail on the balance due date and follow the instructions we send you, or follow those same instructions here and you can pay your balance due payment today by changing your card information.