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I’ve just received an email saying you’ve had a problem with my card,

These things happen;

In your Exhibitors, 'Your purchases and applications' area, we tell you why it has been declined.

EXAMPLE of what you will see in 'Your purchases and applications' area:
card declined
  1. Check you have sufficient funds on your card/in your bank account (including transactions that have not yet cleared). 

  2. If it's not the above, it could be that your bank is not recognising Stripe (who we use to process your card securely) as a payment gateway. If it is your bank, clear it for Stripe.com transactions and try again following the instructions we provide on the email we sent you with the error message.
  3. As you can see in the image, in the right hand column there is a Pay balance now or it could say Pay in full now. Click on this link which takes you to the order.  Click on the Pay balance now or Pay in full now link again, and up pops the card payment window.
  4. Try using a different card if the problem persists or call us for more options, though these may incur an admin fee.

Keep an eye on your card/bank account to ensure this payment goes through. If we encounter another issue we will flag this up for you. We can always find out why a card is declined for you, but the above seem to be the most commonly received problems.

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