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Why is payment required up front?

Payment is ONLY taken if you are Approved.  

Most organisers want some form of financial commitment off you up front.

Some may only charge a small sum for their trade stands, others larger sums, some organsiers require payment in full and some will offer you a deposit scheme.  Some might even offer you a discount!

However, if paying a deposit, until the balance due is paid no stand will be assured by any organiser, using our system or not. 

We handle an organisers payment option­/s on their behalf, providing the exhibitor with the choice they give you. Your money goes directly to the organiser concerned.  The contract is between you and the organiser, not Event Owl, we are the portal allowing the saving of data for streamlining the application process down to a minute or two for you the exhibitor.  

Depending on when the event is you can always decide to book when you can pay of course, if there are any stands remaining. 

Payment from your card is ONLY taken IF you are accepted by the organiser, we will send you an email to this effect. If you are declined the system forgets your card details.

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