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If approved for an event, when is payment taken?

As soon as you are accepted by the organiser, an attempt to take payment from your card will be made shortly after. No payment is taken if you are declined.

Make sure you have the funds available on your card when you apply to any event (if you are applying say to five events, and all five are priced at £100, then have £500 ready to be taken on your card OR you will be declined by those who take longer than others to respond!). Many organisers also offer a discount/­deposit scheme and we advise of this at check out, there is a deposit payment option.

Do fully check 'Your order' for deposit options/­discount code request BEFORE you click apply and enter your card details, once sent you cannot alter your order.

Money is processed from your card to the Organiser within seven days of their approving your application, NOT from the time you send it.  Organisers can have up to their deadline to make a decision, though we prompt them after 14 days.

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