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I can't log in!

Troubleshooting the problem:

  1. Type in the email you gave us at registration and the password (if you have forgotten the password, just use the reset password link)
  2. Clear your devices cache and try again, you might just need to clear the cache and cookies for Event Owl as we may have updated the software slightly since you last visited and your device is still trying to use the old version.
  3. If this still does not work contact us and we will check the email address you are using.  If you can, please do not set up another account as we cannot transfer data from one account to another if you've already processed an application through it.


  • When your account was set up you may have inputted your email/password in incorrectly. 
  • We also regularly see tablets/smart phones putting extra spaces at the start or end of the log in areas - try inputting again and not using the suggested auto input data. 
  • You may also, inadvertently, have set up two accounts and have crossed over the passwords.  If this is the case or you suspect this is the case, please dop our team and email so we can tidy the accounts up for you to keep your

Find out how to clear your browser cache in:

It’s important to sign out and close your browser before leaving your computer unattended. This prevents unauthorized access to your personal information.

Realistically there really is no good reason to do a periodic cleanup of your browser files. The only time it should be necessary is if you are experiencing a problem with your browser and in those situations, it is often best to have your computer serviced by an qualified technology professional. But in the same breath, it really won’t hurt anything to clear out those files (other than losing your history) if you really feel like it.

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