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Why do I need Public Liability Insurance?

You and possibly your staff/­colleague/­friend/­family, 'work' there, in your temporary 'mini shop' to sell products to the public or provide an information service. 

You are therefore are responsible for the health and safety of your ‘mini shop’ including any staff serving, visitors to your stand, logistical arrangements, accommodation (gazebo/­table/­displays etc.), and the handling/­storing/­displaying of products your customers look at/­handle/­use/­consume.

It therefore stands to reason that you'll need some public liability insurance.  Think worst case scenario - what would a parent do if their child was seriously injured from your table being knocked over on top of them for example?  If you've just started up, or have a hobby business, check with your household insurer to see if they can cover you.  Its often the cheapest solution to get you started out.  Public Liability Insurance however can be found on the internet from £50pa.

Our Risk Assessment template though provides some ideas as to what to cover and has a couple of examples.  Read before completing though.   Click here to be taken to the area where you can download it.

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