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I made a mistake on my application form, what do I do?

First up - don't panic! All is rectifiable.

The important thing to note here is that card payments are given per order, and once that order has been sent it cannot be altered - just like Amazons process or indeed a cheque.

You need to follow the Withdrawing from an event via Event Owl instructions first.

Then raise a new order and check it before you send it. 

If a payment has been made the organiser can either refund you OR place a discount on your new and correct order which you'll need to do.

If a discount code has already been used, the organsier will need to issue a new one or discount the new order at their end.

If you've forgot to add something, it cannot be added to a sent order, you will need to raise a new order and the Organiser will see this reflected in their account.

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