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Withdrawing from an event via Event Owl

You can withdraw from an event at any time before the organiser accepts your application without being charged. However, as soon as you have been accepted by the organiser you fall under their terms and conditions.

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions at the bottom of each organisers trade stand application form.

Mistakes when applying are also often made, we get this, so if you have made a mistake just use the Withdraw feature in exactly the same way.

To withdraw from an event BEFORE they have approved your application:

  1. Sign in
  2. Click on Exhibitors, then select Purchases
  3. Then click Withdraw next to the event listing concerned
  4. Send the Organiser an email or call them to explain why you have withdrawn from their event.

To withdraw AFTER you have been approved:

  1. ADVISE the organiser FIRST by phone/email out of courtesy. 
  2. IF they agree to this, simply go into 'Exhibitors' ‘Purchases’ and click WITHDRAW against the event.

The organiser will receive an email to this effect and, if you have been given their consent, they will approve the withdrawal.

The terms and conditions of each organiser will determine the level of refund due – if this is applicable. The terms and conditions of each event will be given to you with every order placed via a confirmation email from us.

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