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Are there alternative ways to pay for a trade stand via Event Owl?

Users are asked to pay by debit or credit card for any trade stand application they might make.  No payment is taken from a card until the organiser approves the users application.  It is down to the user to carefully check their order before they send in their application.

Event Owl was set up to provide a centralised online trade stand application service for exhibitor traders.  Organisers use our system to make these bookings easier for both themselves - and their traders.  

Organisers generally agree to absorb the cost of the card payment fee from Stripe.  If however they do not, this will flag up on your Order page per transaction. For ease of order decision making a standard charge of 1.4% + 20p is charged.

Event Owl can accept Bacs payments which once cleared will subsequently be turned into an online card payment in the users Event Owl account. An additional administrative charge of £2.50+vat plus the payment gateway cost will be added for our team to do this manually.  An invoice will be raised by our team for this purpose.

It is therefore preferred that companies requiring pro-forma invoices ask their accounts teams to pay for any trade stand application fees by card.  We are happy to take payment via phone from them, on your behalf. Any pro-forma invoice raised will be voided upon card payment.  

Sales receipts are always provide under the exhibitor trader users 'My Applications' area.

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