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Amending your application/s

Sometimes you might have missed attaching a key document the organiser requires, or forgot to complete some questions they require.  Public Liability Insurance details should only be updated via your profile, however simple amends to an individual application can be performed in the following way:

1.         Sign in to Event Owl

2.         Click on the Exhibitors tab

3.         Click ‘Your purchases and applications’

4.         Click ‘View/Edit application form’ next to the event listing.   At the top of that page click 'Edit application'. Answer the missing questions and upload any documents (we will save the new docs/images in your profile for your use again in the future). If you have forgotten to select any documents you wish to send to an organiser you will see them in the upload documents area , just tick the boxes to select them.

5.         Make sure you save the details and we will then send the new info to the organiser for you.