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All about your profile

Your profile stores the basic information, that, more than likely, you would otherwise have to duplicate time and time again.

Information such as your name, business name, social media, event organsier contact email and website addresses, your insurance details, risk assessment and other uploaded documents, images, spreadsheets etc.

To find your profile, to check/make any changes,

  1. Sign in
  2. Click on the Exhibitors tab
  3. Click on My exhibitor profile
  4. This will open up a new page that looks like this

Exhibitor profile image

    5. Changed anything in your profile? Always click 'Update profile' at the bottom of the page!

As long as you are registered we can save your details as you go along, helping to auto complete your first application form.  For your next application, when you sign in, we will recognise who you are and bring up the pre-saved information - this saves you having to fill it all in again

You can create multiple exhibitor profiles under one login email address - perfect for businesses with teams representing the company, who go out each weekend to various shows.

Please ensure your social accounts are entered as FULL http address/es.  Just open your website/social account address on the top navigation address bar and cut and paste into the field required.

For uploading Risk Assessments, Insurance information and other documents, images etc see Uploading/­Renewing Your documents

Note: To change your sign in email address, you need to use the change email boxes area - found by clicking on your name - top right and not in your Exhibitor profile.  The two areas do different things.

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