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I need a pro-forma invoice

Our system is pro-forma based.  No payment is taken until your trade stand application has been approved.

The system only creates a sales receipt once your payment has reached the organisers account and is therefore deemed 'cleared'. 

You can use the details in the check out area to provide your accounts team with the details to generate a payment.  You could screen grab or use your Windows accessories, Snippet tool or Apple equivalent.

If your accounts team need to make the payment themselves by card, then you will need to provide them with your log in details or give you the card details or indeed email us and we can do this over the phone. With 3D Authentication they must be able to access the phone or banking app the card is assigned to at the time of the call.

If a pro-forma invoice is still required, we suggest you try and ascertain provisional acceptance by the organiser directly, before asking Event Owl for a pro-forma invoice to save time.

Fee's incurred for producing a pro-forma invoice which is added to the payment:

£2.50 raising a proforma invoice

The card payment fee between 1.2% + 20p and 1.9% + 20p

We no longer accept cheques.


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