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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments - every exhibitor needs one to use our system

Every trader needs a Risk Assessment no matter the size of business or event.  ALL trade stands/stalls have risks be this a cloth being pulled off and a display falling, or a potential 'flying' gazebo. 

If you are not asked for a stand risk assessment or insurance by an organiser - question their health and safety policy before you apply. If you sell goods, or simply provide information using a gazebo/­signage/­table then you need a risk assessment for your 'mini shop/­information point'.

  1. Sign in/Register
  2. Under the Exhibitors tab click My exhibitor profile
  3. Scroll down the page until you see Risk assessment
  4. Using the pink button, upload the aisk assessment (Food and drink traders see below) from your computers/­devices file library
  5. Save your new form by clicking Update profile

If you do not have a Risk Assessment click here for a template available for you to download. As it is based on an HSE Template it should be accepted by all organisers. Full instructions are on the template follow the instructions.

A Risk Assessment needs uploading for each profile/sub profile you create.

Check your Risk Assessment has:

  • The Risk Assessors name
  • The date the assessment took place
  • Your company name on it

Food and Drink Traders - you should upload ALL your relevant docs under the Risk Assessment area, this way we can send them with every application automatically.  NCASS members - a  Word.doc­/PDF with links to your online profile and documents can be uploaded in this area.

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