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Organiser FAQs & tips

We have built an event application system that reduces time and duplication for all stallholders and exhibitors. We would be delighted to help you if you’re having difficulties with the system, but many common questions may already be answered below.

I am happy with my paper based/on-line system, why should I use Event Owl?

I don’t have the time to upload my events application form

How much does it cost to process an exhibitor?

My database of exhibitors took years of hard work to build, I don't want to share the information with other event organisers!

Can I duplicate the information for other events I have?

Applying discounts and special prices

I have to issue VAT receipts, how do I do this with Event Owl?

Do my exhibitors get a copy of the Terms and Conditions for our event?

I need certain forms filling in for my event

How can I separate the different booked items for my contractors?

How do I get access to my money and the payment details?

One of my Exhibitors payments has been declined, what do I do?

Who are Stripe?

Can I delay my event taking exhibitors yet still promote it on Event Owl?

Can I put my own forms onto Event Owl?

Help! My event booking form has disappeared from the site!

Early Bird Discounts and Promotional Codes – how do these work?

I am not a UK based Events Organiser, can I use the system?

What industries can utilise this system?