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Organiser FAQs

We have built an event application system that reduces time and duplication for all exhibitors. We would be delighted to help you if you’re having difficulties with the system, but many common questions may already be answered below.

I am happy with my paper based/on-line system, why should I use Event Owl?

A question so many have asked and one which we answer as follows; are your exhibitors happy with your system? Put yourself in the shoes of someone who may attend 50+ events a year or have multiple teams attending 50+ events a year.  An independent booking system is just as painful to fill in as a paper based form! Its just as time consuming bobbing ion and out of varous websites - all of which have different formats. We know, we've had to do it ourselves!

So, now you can do more to save them some time as well as yourself. Each exhibitors profile information AND documents needed are saved on our centralised system - ready to be sent to your dashboard, AND we send ALL the confirmation emails AND we send them a Sales Receipt AND we process thier payment! Oh AND we even tell you if their insurance has lapsed AND chase them for it!  Our booking and and application forms have a standardised format which is easier to read and complete - every time! 

The system not only provides you with your own event page, register of interest form, booking page, application form, and sends all applications to you. You simply promote Event Owl as your booking tool to your exhibitors and we do the hard work. We might even attract exhibitors you've never come across before!

I don’t have the time to upload my events application form

We love doing this, so send em over to us! You don’t have to upload the information all at once though.  The system requires specific information as we want to ensure you get as many exhibitors as possible through Event Owl, and that you receive the exact payment you need. But if you really don’t have the time, this is no problem. Just send them to us via email and once we are done, we will talk you through each page and ask for your confirmation and approval.  We will then guide you as to how to make your event live.

How much does it cost to process an exhibitor?

Way less than you probably do now.

Over 96% of those organisers in the UK we questioned during 2013/14/15, had absolutely no idea as to how much it was costing them in time or money, processing their exhibitors.  However all said it was way too much whether they had an online system or not. The vast majority also felt guilty about sending out forms and asking exhibitors to restate their data.

We evaluated our own processes during 2011 and 12; rearranging the layout and other forms we sent out, sending the forms via email and some by post, phone calls in and out to potential exhibitors, data entry of application forms (and we also made mistakes...) and filing of the papers (sent by email and post), going to the bank with cheques, reconciling bank transfers and issuing receipts, chasing many of the exhibitors for up to date insurance details or risk assessments way to sketchy for purpose, calling accepted exhibitors for their correct email address! Sound familiar?  All this cost is mostly labour.

Cost - £11 - £15 per exhibitor . To be fair, most exhibitors did send in 'perfect packs' however a large proportion did not, and the majority still had to update their insurance details, this caused frustration, disorganisation and headaches for the entire team. Event Owl eradicated reoccurring missing information problems, reduced the emails in/out and phone calls, increased cash flow as card payments were quick and directed to the bank account direct and we saved significant time in many areas

My database of exhibitors took years of hard work to build, I don't want to share the information with other event organisers!

What you are saying here is that you think the exhibitors you have ONLY attends YOUR show and they don't want to attend anyone elses? Really? Like ourselves, most organisers, more than likely, attracted their exhibitors from looking at your website, and visa versa, yes? They may also have actually visited your event, got hold of a showguide or the exhibitor list! Or if you run a member magazine with events - got hold of this publication and started compiling their database from it - just like you did?

We do NOT give our database to anyone, exhibiting business CHOOSE to sign up with us, or in the case of a database from an organiser being loaded, an exhibitor can opt out of being on our database at any time. Mind you this defeats the object as the organiser concerned will be wanting to use Event Owl to process them - but there you go...

Can I duplicate the information for other events I have?

Of course! Go to the event you have previously created in your Organised Events list and press the Duplicate button. All you need to do is change the text, but please, check your terms and conditions are applicable for that event and you have changed the name of the event and dated throughout!

I have to issue VAT receipts, how do I do this with Event Owl?

You don’t – we do it for you! Just ensure you insert your logo, company registration number and VAT registration number in the business details and we will auto create the VAT receipts for you. You cannot tick the VAT boxes in the Exhibitor Package area if this information is missing.  If you are not VAT registered we simply create a form using the other information you provide.

Do my exhibitors get a copy of the Terms and Conditions for our event?

Yes, when we email them receipt of their order, we attach the terms and conditions of your event.  They also have to tick an approval box to say they have read and understood your terms and conditions before they can insert their payment card details.

I need all the insurance details and risk assessments for each exhibitor for my health and safety officer, how do I do this?

Several ways – either give your H & S Officer your Event Owl log in details so they can go in and check the exhibitor information for your event, OR simply print off the application form and risk assessment of each exhibitor OR of course you’ll have access on your tablet/phone if you have a decent wi-fi signal­/4G. Unless you are a Premium Package Organiser we do not check risk assessments or insurance summaries.

How can I separate the different booked items for my contractors?

Event Owl produces a useful Excel Spreadsheet with all your exhibitors booking and application form information. Open the spreadsheet, and simply hide unwanted columns and save the spreadsheet as a newly named document on your device for each contractor. Make sure the date you save it is in the title to avoid future issues with duplication. If in doubt, give us a call and we can demonstrate how to do this for you.

How do I get access to my money and the payment details?

You need a Stripe.com account to receive your Exhibitors money.  You can link yourb account to Event Owl by clicking on your sign in name on our site and scrolling to the Blue button 'Connect with Stripe' on that page. Once you 'accept' your first Exhibitor application, that Exhibitors card payment transaction will be initiated. It should* be in your bank account within 7 days.Once you press your accept button the card transaction takes place.  Our payment gateway provider checks the business and card concerned, and depending on your bank should take aproximately 7 days (Transfers are made daily and are composed of the charges that were processed seven days prior. Example: August 1st charges are deposited by August 8th, and August 2nd charges are deposited by August 9th.)

*If we encounter a problem, we try to rectify the situation by asking the exhibitor to try again and again until one of their cards can be processed. Problems with card transactions are nothing new, those of us with debit/credit cards have all encountered issues from time to time, so we have done our best to alleviate this problem from you.  This also includes processing any balance due money for the deposit scheme we offer for your use.

You can view a list of all of your transfers as well as the date that they are expected to be received in your bank account from your Stripe dashboard.

One of my Exhibitors payments has been declined, what do I do?

Firstly, these things happen, but happily not very often in the total turnover of our exhibitor bookings.  Usually it's down to a very honest miscalculation by the Exhibitor, which had led to a cash flow isssue.  We provide the error code to give you both more of an idea as to why it's happened in your dashboards.

If you have set up a deposit scheme (which we close seven weeks before your event, the balance due being two weeks after, this closure) we send several reminder emails to your Exhibitors. If on the balance due date their card fails we flag this up to both you and them.  Three days later we will automatically reattempt payment.  

In any card payment failure encounter please refer the Exhibitor to their Exhibitor FAQ's where full instructions are provided as to how they can settle their account.  If the account is settled before we reattempt, then it stops the reattempt payment.  Both yourself and our team can see every attempt made to pay in your Stripe dashboard.  We rarely have system failures by the way as we work on several, separatly located, secure servers.  Contact us and we will call them for a card payment or source funds another route. But , you should start to look at replacing this exhibitor in case they still fail to make a payment. We can but lead the horse to water.

 Who are Stripe?

Stripe.com are our chosen card processing providers, we found their services to be way better than some of the others on the market.  We ask you to connect to Stripe through our system, and once you have set an account up with them, money is directly transferred from the exhibitors bank account to yours.  Our fees and that of Stripe, are taken off during this process.  Each transaction is made clear in your Stripe account, and you can refund as much or as little as you wish using their very simple refund tool.  A summary of all transactions per event, is provided for you on your Event Owl spreadsheet, Stripe also give you a dashboard with another set of information at your disposal.  Fees are rounded up to the nearest penny. 

NEW...Can I delay my event taking exhibitors yet still promote it on Event Owl?

Yes you can.  We have a Register your interest form too we can use, so you're event can be listed the day after your last event - why not strike whilst the iron is hot and tempt those who've just attended into registering their interest, with the promise of their being first to be informed when your event is open for bookings on Event Owl! We will also do all the confirmation emailing for you when they register.

Also your event will only accept applications according to the dates you have put into the Business Details in Create an Event. When the date comes, we will contact your Registered interest list with a password they can use to access the bookings area for a few days, so they have first 'dibs' and then release the event for bookings to everyone else a few days later or when you want us to. Clever huh?

The registered interest list remains Event Owls until your event is open for bookings with Event Owl - we trust you of course, but as we said in an earlier FAQ we do not share our data with anyone!

Can I put my own forms onto Event Owl?

Yes you can, however ONLY if you ALSO take bookings via Event Owl, otherwise it’s defeating the object of providing your exhibitors with a choice as to how they can apply for a stand at your event!

The Event Owl team are a dab hand at data processing, and will accept paper based forms received from either those you send out or those downloaded, printed and sent directly to us.  Including handling any payments received and converting these into an online application for you.  Hopefully we will persuade you that having everything delivered straight to you with no messing about will be far easier!

Help! My event booking form has disappeared from the site!

Worry not, it has just been hidden until you take a bit of action in your dashboard:

  1. You may have not made decisions about exhibitors who have applied so far. Be fair to them and let them know your decision asap as they could be applying for other events!  Log on and press accept or decline in your Organised Events list. This will free up the ability for others to apply to you.
  2. Your application closing date has arrived, you can extend this by telling us you wish to change the dates in  your Business Details, and on the Exhibitor Packages if you entered sales dates in this too.  This change won’t affect those already being processed but it will ask latecomers to pay in full. HOWEVER - refrain from taking late applications as we cannot gaurentee their card will go through so you can be paid, but we can provide an alternative scheme for the odd one or two.

Early Bird Discounts and Promotional Codes – how do these work?

You may wish to provide Early Birds or certain loyal exhibitors some form of discount.  Within the Exhibitor Package area in Create an Event, we generate the code for you to give the exhibitor/s, all you have to do is tell us how much you want to discount by – either as a % off the total or a set figure, and the dates you want the discount to run from and until.  The exhibitor has a box in their shopping basken in which to redeem their discount/­promotion. NOTE:  if you find exhibitors not being able to use their code, this is probably due to the cut off date having been reached.You can set up codes for individual or group users, but ALL codes are set as generic to be used by multiple exhibitors if you so wish.

I am not a UK based Events Organiser, can I use the system?

Yes, in theory you can, our system is of course as global as the internet, however our pricing uses Sterling GBP currently, and we would need to ensure we meet your countries legal obligations, but each request will be dealt with on an event by event basis.

What industries can utilise this system?

ANY! Within reason anyway!! As with any new peice of software/­website, time is needed to build up the momentum. The more industry sector event organisers that can benefit from our system, the more exhibiting busineses will benefit. These businesses as well as our own can ALL benefit from a little more time back for more business - don't you agree?