Event Owl | The national all-in-one website solution for event applications

How it works and pricing

Event Owl is the only, open access, event management system on the market where exhibitors and traders can search, view, book, manage, store their details and pay/ take payment for any exhibitor trade stand, pitch or stall listed.


(Here is a little video we created a few years ago which explains in essence what Event Owl does...and still does!)

We are an experienced, renowned event management team in partnership with 

Food Festivals Ltd and Malton Food Lovers Festival.

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Event Owl runs in a similar fashion to ticketing websites for delegates/­visitors, but for traders, or exhibitors.  Events are listed in date order and can be searched for by exhibitors and traders in various other ways.

Existing trade stand application form information is converted into standardised form layouts which makes it easier and faster for an exhibitor/­trader to apply. Otherwise we can ensure you ask the right questions as a new organiser by assisting you at no charge. We (through our gateway Stripe) capture their card payment details when they apply.

Traders cards are only charged when you approve their application (we can orchestrate invoices and pro-formas but tend to find over 99% of traders now use a card to pay for stands/pitches online) be this a deposit or payment in full.

There is NO monthly fee required, no membership or subscription, it is a simple pay-as-you-approve system, with a set administration fee per order: 

£3.50 per order - Weekly/Monthly held Markets and Fairs etc.

£7.50 per order - Annual/Biannual or one off events events

Card processing fee's are variable on average between 1.2% +20p and 1.9%+20p pending the card being used by the Trader to pay, per order value. 

  • Our pay-as-you-use-system means you can keep better track of what you spend with us.
  • Payments go straight into your bank account via our mobile friendly payment gateway.
  • Sell your stands in various size formats and link/upload your site map to allow Exhibitors a choice of stand type.
  • Your applications, their status, all documents and financial data are kept in simple to use formats.
  • Automated email notifiers advise you and your exhibitors about; new order's, application status, card errors, balance payment and insurance renewal reminders so there is less emailing and less chasing is required - at both sides.
  • Manage your trader applications 24/7 on any device.
  • Easily refund your traders via Stripe and watch this information appear in your accounts spreadsheet (£100 one off payment to set up).
  • Communicate easily with your individual exhibitors, export data for mass mailing or we can link to certain emailer software too such as Mailchimp (one off fee of £50).
  • Simply check the applications and click the approve/­decline button - we do the rest.
  • Benefit from our promotion and social media campaigns aimed at Exhibitors/­Sponsors/­Activities and even Artists
  • Capitalise on your next event by taking bookings immediately after your last

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