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Answering questions from Exhibitors

We can advise without hesitation that you will receive emails and phone calls asking you for help.  Most traders are used to using web based trade stand application booking systems, but some are not as confident. However after the second application using Event Owl, most have got the hang of it.

Just do these four things...

  1. Establish the device they are using - 8 out of 10 questions we receive are mobile/tablet device related and they may have a simple cache/­cookie/­app issue on their device preventing them from using our system.
  2. Ask them if they have read the Exhibitor user guide/FAQ's, No? Point them to the Exhibitor tab (next to the Organiser tab) on the navigation bar where these can be found.
  3. If they need a paper based form, just visit our Downloads area in the footer of each of our website pages.  There is a charge for this service to the exhibitor for uploading their information however.
  4. If their question cannot be answered, forward their email or ask them to email us at info@­eventowl.­co.­uk and we will take it from there.  We will need to know:
    1. The type of device they are using
    2. The last time they updated their device (especially smart phones!)
    3. The browser they are using (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Bing etc)
    4. How they rate their user knowledge of their device - total beginner/hate anything involving computers to they have a decent practical knowledge and know how to check their history and cookies.
    5. What the issue seems to be.

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