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Creating an event and taking trade stand bookings

 Adding your event:

  1. Register first so we can save your inputted data to a designated profile for you to use.
  2. Decide which of the three event page types (Free Listing or one of the two List, Assess and Manage packages. New to Event Owl, just fill our form here and we will do the rest 
  3. You can also have a go at adding your own event, or a pay-as-you-approve event using our step-by-step process.  You can get in touch with us for assistance 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday on info@­eventowl.­co.­uk.  We provide mentoring services to event organisers so are not always in the office, but we will get back to you.
  4. Trade Stand Payments: If you already have a www.Stripe.com account you can link to this when we prompt you.  Alternatively email your bank sort code, account number and the account holders details to info@­eventowl.­co.­uk and we will guide you through this set up.

Please note:

  • Provided as much, accurate information about your event.  Be realistic on the visitor numbers.
  • All events require submitting for approval as part of our system.
  • Event Owl spot checks with mentioned venues/local councils to ensure events are bona fide.
  • All events taking bookings via pay-as-you-approve package, must have suitable terms and conditions.  These will have been deemed to have been past a legal representative and have a fair cancellation policy for your traders. 

If you are a new event organiser or are looking for ways to grow and improve your event, we offer remote and on-site mentoring looking at site layouts, trader selection methods, activity/­entertainment ideas and marketing to increase the dwell and spend time at your event.  We also have access to recommended specialists in marketing, finance, legal, health and safety etc.

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