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Creating an event

 Adding your event:

  1. You need to register first so we can save your inputted data to a designated profile for you to use.  Make sure our cookies are enabled or none of your hard work will save on your device.
  2. Add an Event is what you then need to click. (If you've used us before, this is found under the Organsiers tab)
  3. The system will open up the section requesting the key details about you and your event. The Event Name and Organiser details will be printed on the Sales Receipts for you and your Traders. We will need your event insurance information, and cannot express how important having insurance is.
  4. Work through each section, any questions with an * need completing. The progress panel will tick off after each section is completed. Move to each section manually as you complete. Tips are provided throughout. Any issues please email info@­eventowl.­co.­uk and we will come back to you within 12 hours.
  5. Ticking the box marked 'Private' on the Business details section will remove the listing from our website's Events listing page. Only those that need to see your event page can see it with the web address bar page link you'll send them. Useful for sponsors where you still need their stall details.
  6. The Exhibitor Packages and Application form are very important to get right. These answers create columns in a spreadsheet for you. We will check these for you before we approve to make sure it makes sense to a Trader. We advise testing your event in 'Private' mode once its been approved (check the box found in the Busness details page at the top, after its been approved) and if you tell us, we'll delete the test orders for you.
  7. Setting up your Trade Stand payments: If you already have a www.Stripe.com account you can link to this when we prompt you.  We have been with Stripe since we started, their Technical support team are excellent if you need assistance in setting up your account.
  8. DO NOT send a Trader/­Exhibitor your version of the receipt. All Traders/­Exhibitors get a copy placed as a downloadable PDF in thier dashboard under the Exhibitor tab - My Applications.

Please note:

  • Provided as much, accurate information about your event. Be realistic on the visitor numbers.
  • All events require submitting for approval as part of our system. 
  • Event Owl spot checks with mentioned venues/local councils to ensure events are bona fide.
  • All events taking bookings via pay-as-you-approve package, must have suitable terms and conditions.  These will have been deemed to have been past a legal representative and have a fair cancellation policy for your traders. 

If you are a new event organiser or are looking for ways to grow and improve your event, we offer remote and on-site mentoring, looking at site layouts, trader selection methods, activity/­entertainment ideas and marketing to increase the dwell and spend time at your event. We also have access to recommended specialists in marketing, finance, legal, health and safety etc.

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