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Creating an event and taking trade stand bookings

Event Owl will advertise your event to a wider audience if you are taking trade stand bookings via our system.  All events require submitting for approval.

You'll need to register first and provide us with some very basic business information before you can begin to create an event.

Create your event using our step-by-step process below, or, send us your 'paper' forms and we will convert them for you, or complete our quick form here

  1. Complete all the steps required under Create an event, use high res, 1MB max images and logo's.  If we feel your exhibitor package pricing categories could be misleading or improved, we will advise you.
  2. We will need your bank sort code and account number at some point so we can set up the banking links via our financially regulated payment gateway provider, Stripe. 
  3. Click the 'Send for approval' button. 

It is imperative you create your event as accurately as possible, we will double check for serious anomalies, but ideally, your terms and conditions should be passed through a legal representative before you cut and paste them into the box provided. 

Event organisers MUST have some form of terms and conditions, and insurance, for your event, regardless of how small, to safeguard you and your exhibitors.

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