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Indian delights

Details of products sold: Authentic Indian Cuisine made by only those who know how, an Indian family cooking original recipes handed down from generation to generation. All our produce is of high quality and sourced local to Lancaster where feasible, testament to this is Clitheroe Food Festivals proof of provenance requirement where we trade annually. Spices used specially imported. Indian Delights is a family-run business from Lancaster, Lancashire, we specialise in bringing an authentic Indian experience to your festival or event. At your Festival we'll be selling a range of traditional Indian curries, including chicken, lamb or vegetarian cooked from scratch in our preparation unit. We'll also have our full range of Indian snacks produce including samosas, onion bhaji's, pakora's and also chicken tikka and kebab wraps. The menu of Indian delights reflects the cultural diversity of Bombay along with influences from Gujarati cuisine, providing the freshest of ingredients suitable for our vegetarian, vegan and gluten free customers. We use the best and quality fresh ground spices in all our foods which brings you some of the very best-tasting Indian produce. Our professional set up and excellent service targeting a whole range of customers attracts thousands at events on each individual basis. The authenticity of our food leaves our satisfied customers feeling experienced in the true taste of Indian Food. A unique signature is available on all our outlets, offering everything from a variety of starters, mains and wraps. We also offer a healthier options for our diners such as he chicken tikka wraps, chicken tikka salad and sauce, all being from local produce and made from scratch. Unusually for an Indian outlet, we are constantly looking to improve by adding new tastes to our menu. Our mother who is head chef has excellent experience, unique taste and ambition towards Indian Cuisine.

Lancaster, United Kingdom

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