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Pure Cane

Details of products sold: Pure Cane is a provider of natural cold pressed sugarcane juice and coconut water. The natural fresh sugarcane sticks are pressed in front of the customer, this is done using our sugarcane press machine. The sticks of sugarcane are inserted into one end of the machine, rollers crush the sticks and provide the unprocessed natural healthy juice which has many beneficial health attributes. The actual making of the drink is a spectacle within itself, we often get many people taking videos and photos because it is not a process they have seen before and the actual beverage is not very common, but delicious. Once the sugarcane juice is extracted, we offer it in a variety of flavours, mixed with other natural ingredients: mint, ginger & lime, lemon, coconut water and Strawberry. Based on location, the event and time of year, we occasionally offer fresh coconut water served direct from the green coconuts. Please note that we have not yet been given a food standards agency rating, this form does not give me an option to pick not rated yet. I have to pick one of the 3 options to be able to continue.

London , United Kingdom

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by FeastyFest
12 Sep 2021
Cheam Park, Sutton, Surrey, UK, SM3 8BP