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O'Donnell Moonshine

Details of products sold: O'Donnell Moonshine is a distinguished craft spirits producer headquartered in Manchester, rooted deeply in the rich heritage of the American Prohibition era. We bring the clandestine spirit of moonshine, traditionally distilled under moonlit skies, to the modern era with unmatched authenticity and dedication to craftsmanship. Our moonshine is meticulously produced in column stills, following time-honoured methods, and then triple distilled, ensuring unparalleled quality in every batch. Although the foundation of our ingredients hails from Germany, our commitment to local collaboration is unwavering. From our packaging to marketing tools, we predominantly collaborate with British-based companies across England, striking a perfect blend of international quality and local enrichment. At the event, we'll be showcasing our range of premium spirits, bottled in our iconic O'Donnell Moonshine Mason Jars. Our offerings span a diverse palate, from the best-selling 'Tough Nut', with its fine caramel notes and hints of nougat, to the robust 'High Proof', our original wheat-based moonshine. In total, attendees can discover 7 unique liqueurs, each delivering a flavour experience that’s both distinctive and memorable. Furthermore, our moonshines are vegan, allergen-free, and gluten-free, catering to a broad audience. Beyond our spirits, we'll also be introducing our bespoke tote bags and custom pouring lids, both designed by our German parent company, which elevate the moonshine experience and emphasise our brand's meticulous attention to detail.

MANCHESTER, United Kingdom

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by Visit Malton CIC
13 Apr 2024
Malton town centre, Malton, North Yorkshire, UK, YO17 7LX
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by Visit Malton CIC
11 May 2024
Malton town centre, Malton, North Yorkshire, UK, YO17 7LX
by Food Festivals Ltd
16 – 19 May 2024
The Glass Works, May Day Green, Barnsley, UK, S70 1GW
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by Visit Malton CIC
25 – 27 May 2024
Malton town centre, Malton, North Yorkshire, UK, YO17 7LX
by St Annes Carnival
28 – 30 Jun 2024
Ashton Gardens, Clifton Drive North, St Annes on the Sea, Lancashire, UK, FY8 2NY
by Leek Show Tradestands
27 Jul 2024
Dunwood Fields, off A53 Longsdon, Leek, Staffordshire, UK, ST9 9AR