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Why are Event Stand Risk Assessments so important?

OK, so lets think logically about this question.

You have business insurance right? 

At an event, all manner of things can go wrong just when you are not expecting it; a marquee can collapse, or take off in the wind, a table can be knocked over, someone can fall off a ladder erecting a banner, or do their back in unloading the van - and even if you are just distributing leaflets off a table - something will go wrong if you've not planned for it! 

The first thing your insurance company would ask to see, especially if a member of the public or a member of staff was injured, would be "can you send us your stand risk assessment"

A Risk Assessment is simply a 'what if this happened' ''who could be hurt' 'how can I prevent this from happening' list on your stand, it also helps the organiser with their own event risk assessment too, so don't question having to do one - just do it!  With Event Owl you only need to really do this once and we will store it for you, OR if you have different stands for different events, store them all in your profile and when you come to the Risk Assessment request area, all of them will be listed for you to select from!  Easy peasy.

Use our template in the Download area and do yourself a big favour - cover yourself!