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Do I have to complete my exhibitor profile all in one session?

Yes, though if you have read our Exhibitor user guide first this should not take you long at all!  Event Owl saves any new information you enter for you to use next time. You can even create multiple exhibitor profiles to use - fantastic for those businesses with several teams, who go to events each year on the same dates across the country!

As an Exhibitor why do I have to upload certain documents and information in order to send my forms off?

We'll reverse this question - why should event organisers have to chase you for this key information – and payment/s you should have sent off as they asked with your original forms? We listened, learned and put this into the system – this way too you won’t ‘forget’ or have them ‘lost at the receiving end.

Why do I have to pay by card? I don't like online payment methods I don't trust technology much.

We completely understand this question. However, we rarely see cheques being used in business these days, even supermarkets and petrol stations are only card or cash based!  However the reality is online payment systems are here to stay, and becoming more widespread in the event industry, from event applications, to card payments taken on stands – even on mobile phones, to portable scanners noting where and whom you visited at exhibitions, to app's linking you directly to your bank account or indeed a payment gateway. 

Clearing cheques costs business, bounced cheques are everyone's nightmare, and cash provides no 'paper trail'.  These days when you call to make a payment by phone, the call handler is using a computer to store your information to process your payment. How do you know if the computer they are using is secure, or your card information has not been written down on a piece of paper and destroyed afterwards? 

Paper which ends up in a bin and from there who knows? These things can happen and do, too often. Far safer YOU keep control over YOUR card details.  Always look for the sign https:  or the  'green address bar' - like the one we have - then you can be assured of the highest security of encryption. You can opt for Stripe to store your card details; if you do you will ALWAYS be sent a validation code to your mobile device by Stripe to enter BEFORE you reuse it - extra security, extra peace of mind. Event Owl does NOT store your card details.

Why do I have to check each event form separately in my shopping basket before sending them off?

All the events listed are, in the main, separate events run by separate organisers.  Where there are open ended/­reoccuring events run by the same organiser then yes, you can apply en mass to attend multiple events/markets using one order form.

Each event is different to the next one and therefore each events terms and conditions are different – different location, different set up and break down procedures, different rules and regulations.  This safeguards both parties. In essence we are providing a duty of care to our users. 

Can I change my profile?

You can certainly change elements of your profile which do not affect your general event application acceptances, such as product pictures, new awards won, change of business address, insurance renewal information and policy number (this information will be updated on the dashboard of the event organisers and be highlighted for their attention). 

However, circumstances that change key business information may mean rejection by the organiser­/s.  For example – if a business changes hands, the new company/owner will NOT have the contract/s with the event organiser/s you applied to and were accepted by when you owned the business. They could be refused entry at the event/s in question when they turn up, nor could that person be able to recoup any monies lost, due to say any cancellations.  Better in this instance for the new owner to set up a completely NEW exhibitor profile and reapply to the event organiser.

I hate loading things on a computer, can I not just send you the information and you do it for me?

Obviously time is money at your end and at ours. We have made the site pretty simple to use, however, we can do this for you and one of our team will need to personally handle this.

As an exhibitor We charge a service for this of £10+vat.

As an event organiser – We charge a service for this depending on the size and scope of your event.

I’m really struggling with x, y and z can you help me?

Of course, we made the system as easy as we could but its easy to get confused now and again, or indeed our own system could well be at fault. Take a look first at our user guide and FAQ's, if the answer is not there, call us between the hours of 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday or leave a message and our team member on call will be delighted to help you until 9pm. Telephone us on 0330 332 6224.  We can only answer qeries on using the system, contact the event organiser concerned if its event related.

How do I load my images/­photographs/­logo to my profile?

This question can be found in our Exhibitor user guide.