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Accessing your order information

Once you have made your first booking; your application form, your order and its status, can be found under the Exhibitors tab on the top navigation bar in the purple zone.

The Purchases area is the work horse of your dashboard. You would click on Purchases seen here below to access pertinent information.


We keep a record of the events you've applied to, flag up any issues with card payments, provide the facility to withdraw from an event (see further on this under 'Withdrawing from an event'), pay off a stand fee early (if you've paid a deposit) and issue sales receipts for you to download at your convenience.  

You can also open and download a spreadsheet of your financial information in three spreadsheet formats.  Keep an eye on this area as this is the work horse of your dashboard.

Sales Receipts are only issued after funds have cleared into the organisers bank account (5 - 7 days after being accepted or the balance due date).  Like any sales receipt only when the order has been paid in full will it show a Paid Full status. Otherwise the balance due is shown.

A sample shot of your Purchases page


 If we encounter any issues processing your card we will both email you and if not settled, flag this up to the event organiser concerned.

Need to add to an order?  If you DO need to add to your order, you must treat this as either a full reapply and withdraw your old application (this maybe subject to the terms and conditions of Event Owl and the organiser), or just send a new order for the missing items. This is becasue the card informaiton is only for the order you sent in and was calculated for such a transaction. Discount/­Promotion codes can only be used once, so the organiser will need to issue a new code to you.  

Make sure our info@­eventowl.­co.­uk and accounts@­eventowl.­co.­uk are not going to your spam box!  See our FAQ's if you encounter a card error.

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