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Altering your trade stand application after you have applied

You cannot change your order, but you can alter details on your application form once you have applied.

Our system only allows you to change none financial information once you have applied to an event.  This is because each financial transaction requests a set and agreed sum from your card for one order only.  

You can withdraw your none accepted application and re-apply adding the missing item, or just apply for the missing item, however this may incur an extra fee. If your application has already been accepted, it's down to the organiser. They may want you to re-apply before they refund you for your first order.

To alter your application form:

  1. Sign in/Register
  2. Click on the Exhibitor tab on the top tool bar, select Purchases
  3. Click on the event application form you require.  
  4. At the top of the new page, click Edit application details.
  5. SAVE your new data - using the button at the bottom of the page.

You can change your Risk Assessment/­Insurance details and ADD to the documents you've sent, by following the instructions separately listed in our user guide.  These new additions will show on your application.

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