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Applying for trade stands

Our site, once you've registered and completed your profile, allows us to autofill your selected Trade Stand Application form or basic details on the Expression of Interest form.  Organisers create their application form according to the questions they need you to answer.

Event Owl cannot auto complete event organisers 'own' booking forms, but we do encourage you to tell them about what we're doing - you never know!

  1. Sign in or Register, we need to know who you are so, that we can either bring up pre-saved information, or start to save the information if this is your first trade stand application.
  2. Select the event you wish to attend.
  3. Complete the booking form in the yellow area which tells the organiser what type of stand plus any extras, you need. You can order everything all at once.  If the organiser requires you to complete an additional form, this will be in the yellow box too. Just download this document, complete it, save it in your computers/­devices file and add it to the 'Documents' area of the application form later.  
  4. Click the 'Book items and apply now'. This takes you through to the organisers 'trade stand application form' (if you have forgotten to sign in/register we will ask you to do this first or we cannot retrieve/save your data).
  5. If you have used Event Owl before to book a stand, or completed your Exhibitor profile, you will see all your inputted data in the relevant fields and all your loaded documents ready to be sent for you or for you to select from. HOWEVER...each event is different and there may be further questions to answer and extra forms to upload as suggested in #3. 
  6. Complete or tick all the relevant boxes (those with a * must be completed), upload any documents, and click 'Save'. If you encounter problems check your insurance details are entered correctly in the boxes provided, the two main documents asked for (your risk assessment and Public Liability Insurance proof) are uploaded in the right areas, in the correct format as accepted, and any asterisk * field is completed. Check our FAQ's if you're struggling.  During 'COVID recovery' an additional Covid Policy Statement may be asked for as a prerequisite by some organsiers.
  7. You'll then be taken to the shopping basket. EACH EVENT YOU'VE PUT INTO YOUR BASKET WILL BE KEPT THERE. As and when you want to apply to those events and offer your payment details, simply check the relevant order and click 'Apply'.  
  8. The system will then ask for your credit/debit card details in the form of a 'pop up' window. The system will take your details and hold them securely until you have been 'Accepted' by the organiser concerned.  It deletes card details for applications declined. Make sure you follow the Stripe checkout process (and come back to checkout after authenticating the future transaction with your bank) until you get a green tick and are returned to Event Owl or the intended payment transaction will fail when being approved later.
  10. You will receive an email advising that the application is now with the organiser, plus the terms and conditions of that event.  You will also see in your Purchases area, your application listed and its status.  You will receive another email when you have been approved or declined, with full instructions on what happens next. This may take a few days/weeks depending on the organisers deadlines.
  11. Your sales receipt is always kept separate from your application, but together with it, under Exhibitors, Your purchases and applications made.

To ensure your products meet with current EU and UK regulations before you apply to an event, please seek expert advice from your local trading standards team or council.  One phone call today might save you a lot of money tomorrow.

Disclaimer: Event Owl relies on event organisers to provide accurate information.  We endeavour to ensure event information is accurate wherever possible by questioning the organisers whilst they set up their event on the system, prior to sale of stands being released.  We advise you to read the organisers terms and conditions prior to making an application.  These will be provided at the second stage of the booking procedure. Should the unfortunate circumstance occur whereby a trader cannot trade at an event due to a discrepancy/­misinformation caused by the organiser, your grievance must be taken up with the Organiser directly.  We can only handle issues caused by our system, and not on how an event advertises and conducts itself, over which we have no control.

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