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Argh! The site's not working...

Whoa there...!  About 99.9% of the time (0.1% in the small hours is usually when we update something!) our site is up and working fine so lets troubleshoot this...

Smart phones are already set up to enable users of Event Owl to navigate through a trade stand application form, using our 'app' on both the Android or Apple stores.  

You will need MS Word, Excel and Adobe Reader to fully utilise our site, even on your phone.  If possible, create your full profile and upload your documents on a PC/Tablet first.

Instructions for the 'desktop' version of our site:

1. Which Website browser are you using?

The two most popular browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox. Other major browsers include Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera. While most commonly use to access information on the web, a browser can also be used to access information hosted on Web servers in private networks.

2. Are your cookies disabled?

Cookies are required to save the details in the text fields in the forms, so these need to be enabled.  

Here is another little video from Google which explains why cookies are needed for a site like ours

Online retailers use cookies to keep track of the items in a user’s shopping cart as they explore the site. Without cookies, your shopping cart on Event Owl, or all the details you stored, would reset to zero every time you clicked a new link on the site.  All we would be able to display are your basic registered details.  That would make it impossible to save your details!

To enable cookies in your browser, you need to know the name of your browser first.  To enable Cookies the instructions are usually in the tools/settings menu, usually found in the top right of your browsing screen.  

3. PC users may encounter issues if they do not have Java Script enabled 

For full functionality of our website it is necessary to enable Java Script. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser.  A pop up will have been shown to you if your device is not enabled though. 

4. It maybe that your device has an issue that you cannot rectify, no problem, we have a plan B!

We have a manual form in the footer of all our pages, you can find this under 'Downloads'.  Simply complete and send back to us together with your public liability insurance and risk assessment documents.

Still got a problem? Just drop us an email or give us a call between 9am and 6pm Mon - Fri or leave us a message and we will get back to you asap.  Make sure you leave your telephone number!

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