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Argh! The site's not working...

First things first - do not panic! 

There really is no need to pour over any form on any website for hours and hours if you are struggling. Frustrating yes, but all completely 'sortable'.  It's just a machine not understanding what you're wanting it to do or cannot perform as something on your device is stopping it from doing its job.  

Here at Event Owl we will help you just as soon as we can during office hours, or if one of us happens to be working on the system, at weekends and early evenings!  Sometimes merely using a different browser solves the problem, so if you use Google all the time, try Microsoft Edge.

As a heads up, our website is stored on four large, highly secure data servers, in two countries, so the chances of 4 servers in two countries 'crashing' at the same time is pretty remote. 99.9% of the time, the website IS working perfectly fine.  So please, either put your device down for now and get in touch with us or ... 

Grab a coffee, take some deep breaths, then see if you can troubleshoot the issue yourself.  So in order...

  1. Make sure you're signed in or registered with Event Owl before you start an application. The system does not know who you are until you do, so it will not know the user profile to save the data to otherwise. (We have a user guide, a video and FAQ's to have a look at under the Exhibitors tab).
  2. Does the 'Your order' page (aka the shopping basket page) on the event concerned say 'Edit form' or 'Form incomplete' - if the latter, click on 'Form incomplete' on that page which takes you back to the application form. YOu will able to check the form for the following:
    • Have you uploaded the documents in the correct areas (the 'pink button' areas)?
    • Have you completed all the questions with an * next to them?
    • Have you correctly used the right format for your website/social media - we ask for the FULL http address.
    • Check ALL date formats are correct - if you cannot see a drop down calender when you click a date box, this is your device at fault, just type in the date using this format xx­/xx/xxxx  
    • The terms and condition boxes need 'ticking'
    • Have you ticked any of the check boxes in the 'Documents' area so the organsier can see them?
    • Happy? Click 'Send' to go back to the order form.
    • If the form now says 'Edit form' then great, thats the application form all sorted - Phew!
    • Now check your order - are there too many of one package?
    • If there are too many, at the top of the order page we provide the instructions on how to amend/delete these.
    • Once you are happly click 'Apply now'. The card payment area will pop up - if this does not happen you donot have pop ups allowed on your device.  As devices differ we cannot tell you how to alter this so you'll need to either 'Google' it or call your network service provider - or a family member/friend for help.
    • So the card payment area popper up, you entered your card details, sent it off and got a green tick.  Wait now for Event Owl to send the info from your device to the organsiers dashboard...an acknowledgement page will appear.  Once it does you can move on to whatever else you wish to do.
    • ALL correctly sent orders will receive an email acknowledging your application and another advising the application is now with the organiser.  Then you can see it in the 'Your purchases or your applications' under the Exhibitors tab.
  3. Having to input all your details again? You're signed in yes? So are your devices 'Cookies' enabled?   Click here on how to get cookies enabled.  We can't save ANY of your new data without cookies. 
  4. Is Javascript installed on your device?  Very rare, but this occurs with PC's­/laptops. Most websites use this code to operate including ours.  If this is something you need to do we flag this up as an issue when you log in. WikiHow explains more https://­www.­wikihow.­com/­Enable-JavaScript
  5. If you've applied a promotion code, there are two 'Apply' buttons on the page, make sure you click both!
  6. CHECK to see if there is a deposit scheme and tick the option you want before clicking 'Apply'.
  7. Try clearing the cache on your device, it might still be trying to save old data.  Everyone should know how to do this, so do take time out to learn as we cannot really do this for you.  WikiHow explains here
  8. Still at a loss? Well done for going through the above, its time to give yourself a break. Email us with exactly what you have tried, what device you are using, what browser and version of the software operating platform (E.g. Windows 10) and we will be in touch during normal office hours.  We WILL get you sorted out!  info@­eventowl.­co.­uk

Smart phones - common issues:

Smart phones are already set up to enable users of Event Owl to navigate through a trade stand application form.  

You will need MS Word, Excel and Adobe Reader to fully utilise our site.  If possible, create your full profile and upload your documents on a PC/­Laptop/­Tablet first. Its not impossible to do it on a phone but our site, due to its size shows a desktop version only but will response magnify for you by clicking on various areas.

Make sure you know where your previously completed documents/­images are stored.  When you click the 'Pink buttons' to ask for say a Risk Assessment you've done, it will open up your devices files.  From there you'll be able to either access the document you need, or, if you use a cloud storage solution, access those files too.

Occasionally if you've not updated your phone recently, you might have missed something which prevents you from using certain sites.  So update, or simply switch off and on again to see if this releases the problem.

Other tips:

1. Which Website browser are you using?

The two most popular browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox. Other major browsers include Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera. While most commonly use to access information on the web, a browser can also be used to access information hosted on Web servers in private networks.

2. Are your cookies disabled?

Cookies are required to save the details in the text fields in the forms, so these need to be enabled.  

Here is another little video from Google which explains why cookies are needed for a site like ours

Online retailers use cookies to keep track of the items in a user’s shopping cart as they explore the site. Without cookies, your shopping cart on Event Owl, or all the details you stored, would reset to zero every time you clicked a new link on the site.  All we would be able to display are your basic registered details.  That would make it impossible to save your details!

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