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Event cancellations and refunds.

Sadly these things happen.  Sometimes beyond the control of the organiser too.

The good news is that most organisers do issue refunds if this happens, though it will depend on insurers and circumstances.  

Event Owl is only the booking platform between yourself the Exhibitor, and the event Organiser, as per our Terms of Service. You are solely responsible for checking each event organiser’s terms and conditions before you apply.  

Once you tick the box on the application form (a recognised electronic signature) you are agreeing to the organiser’s terms and conditions. Exactly the same principle as you would if doing the same function by paper form or email form.

Once you apply and are approved, this strikes a contract between you/your business and the organiser.  Therefore you need to address the issue directly with the Event Organiser for any refunds due as per their terms and conditions.  A copy of their terms and conditions is always sent to you with your order acknowledgement email.

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