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Initially applying for events via smart phone or tablet

First point to raise - these smaller devices all sound marvellous, but they still have a major disadvantage over PC's - namely they have smaller screens!  We also have an App in the Android and Apple stores.

Registering and applying for your first event will take some time, about 25 - 40 minutes depending on how well you know your device.  This is because we need to gather all your information this one time, so we can auto complete it the next time around.

  1. Master your device first. An hour/half hour with an expert is time well spent. 
  2. Like most other system applications, you will also need to install apps that will be required to open up and save documents.  The most popular are MS Word, MS Excel and Adobe Reader, which are available in both Android and Apple stores.  Java Script must be enabled for most apps too. 
  3. We recommend using one of the cloud based storage systems too like Dropbox or One Drive etc. though this is just for your initial documents.  All your documents will be saved, securely by Event Owl 'in the cloud'.
  4. Ensure you have your Risk Assessment and Public Liability Insurance on your device as a suitable document e.g. a PDF.  We have a downloadable Risk Assessment template in MS Word.  Download, complete, save and store on your device first.
  5. Then Register with us
  6. Once you are registered you can start applying for events - see Applying for events

Once you have registered and sent your first application, you will find, as do hundreds of our Exhibitor users, applying for your next event very easy and very quick.

Note: ALL new 'apps' go through rigorous testing and are then tested again by the various stores before being allowed into their 'app store'.  Ours is no different.  Hence we suggest you master your device before using Event Owl, this way any errors you come up agaist, our team can fully investigate and assist you with.

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