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I am not that confident with technology, please help.

No problem, we can help you get set up on our system.

Why not have a read of our user guide and have a go at using the system first?

You will need an email address to operate the system and some form of computer or a smartphone.

Barclays Bank also have courses in computer use which may be of interest if you need to get started with technology.

Be advised - Technology is NOT going away, so it's vital you grasp the use of a computer before you are left too far behind - especially in business, be this a hobby type or an incorporated company.

We have a paper version of the details we need to get you up and running.  Send us the completed trade stand application form (in our Footer, Downloads), plus your risk assessment (Footer, Downloads), public liability insurance summary, FSA Rating/Industry Accreditations if applicable, award certificates as applicable, and we will create a profile for you. 

A small admin fee of £5 is required - you can pay by card, bacs or cheque. Payment for this will be requested before we make the information available to you and we can then process trade stand bookings over the phone with you at any time FOC.  

It is your responsibility to check that we have uploaded everything correctly.

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